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Fucking Machines - She Comes in Pretty, Leaves Fucked Out. New HD Update Every Wednesday plus Live Shows and Bonus Shoots.

Comments made by vander

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Jun 1, 2010

amazing!!!! her orgasms and spasms were to die for. beautiful stomach too.

Device Bondage
May 4, 2010

this shoot is amazing! as always charlie is one kink's best models. it boggles my mind how anyone could fixate on the amount of pubic hair with all of these intense orgasms.

Feb 23, 2010

this'll be the first of many many comments about this amazing shoot! great across the board: positions, no whipping, about 100 orgasms; great great work. classic shoot.

Feb 3, 2010

top 5 scenes ever! amazing orgasms as always. felony is the best!!

Jan 18, 2010


Fucking Machines
Jan 17, 2010

nope. don't see it. you got 3 different videos as a BONUS. it used to be just a wednesday update, now it's wednesday and friday. tell me, exactly how long is a shoot supposed to be? obviously you feel that this shoot was only "part" of a shoot- so what is the exact time that you expect to get w/each shoot? if you wanted it to be exactly 42 minutes and 52 seconds, should tomcat have kept the model going if she was tired/worn out/in pain to accoamdate you?

Fucking Machines
Jan 16, 2010

people- don't complain about the length!! this is not a professional porn star, that's the point. this is a bonus. ever give a homeless person some change and they get mad at you because it wasn't as much as they wanted? that's what's happening here. having said that, i thought this shoot was super sexy. really love the quivering bellys and and orgasms.

Fucking Machines
Jan 13, 2010

great! natural boobs, big bootee and barefoot. the 3 b's. love the shot of the sole of her foot in the crystal palace doggy vid. worth the price of admission.

Fucking Machines
Dec 31, 2009

i've seen sasha knox on other sites, and she was always a fave. great to see her at kink. hopefully she will grace the hogtied and device bondage sites too!!

Whipped Ass
Dec 20, 2009

love this position!! consider this one for ladies with sexy stomachs!!

Device Bondage
Dec 15, 2009

it's been well over a year sonce there was a charley shoot on hogtied, and she is obviously one of the most popular shoots. why is that? i think everyone would love to see another classic shoot w/charley!!!

Dec 10, 2009

nice one. it would been cool to have at least one close up shot of one or both of her feet. this is a great position for that.

Device Bondage
Dec 5, 2009

great position!

Dec 1, 2009

i would liked to have seen some spread eagle business or bare feet. that first scene is really sexy though!

Nov 17, 2009

how people could complain about this being too short boggles my mind. she orgasmed her brains out and then she got sick! i thought it was cool to see how quicly repsonded when she said she felt ill. good to know/see that y'all are compassionate and caring toward the models.

Device Bondage