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Comments made by Starwithnoname

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Apr 27, 2010

Much as I don't want the models to fake it and carry on with silly "oohs and aaahs", at least to look like you're enjoying it would be a good start. Ultra boring - sorry to have to say it.

Fucking Machines
Sep 13, 2009

There seems to be a demand for "natural" women. I would rather see an overweight plain looking woman (not that this woman is)absolutely getting off on the machines, than a professional porn "ooh-rr give it to me baby" model going through the motions and giving many punters what they want - which is a show. I find the "idea" of the ordinary woman genuinely getting off far more erotic that a slim, shaved, helium-ballooned chested model going through the motions - often fake I suspect. I don't wish to dispute others who may feel differently, it's just a personal view.

Fucking Machines
Sep 8, 2009

Like mrarff, I think the her alure is due to her natural beauty and charm. It is so good to see "the girl next door" on the machines rather than the "ooh-yeah, give it to me baby" professional porn models. Professionals would make all the right noises regardless of whether they found it a turn on or not - after all they are giving the punters what they want - a show. I would rather more "real" women, dare I say who may be less that supermodels and perhaps a little overweight, without pumped helium breasts and a bit of pubic hair - but hey, that's my opinion and I'm sure others would disagree, but may strike a chord with some.

Fucking Machines