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Comments made by wmike2

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Feb 15, 2015

2 major flaws, first you shouldn't have someone who doesn't participate sexually in a sex shoot, you wouldn't use a girl who won't go for style points on U S. second, I know you have to use gay guys, but use one who has some pride, not someone who just lays there so he can be violated in the prize round, this shouldn't be called competitive, it was a fantasy shoot Test Shoots
Apr 20, 2012

The queen of utlimate surrender has just become the queen of the machines, all hail the queen

Fucking Machines
Feb 29, 2012

There has to be a higher rating than great, great is insulting

Fucking Machines
Feb 22, 2012

I just re watched Ariel and Melanie Dragon and Holly heart, and it ended exactly the same way this one did. I guess it is true, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 9, 2011

If there wasn't a score board I would have sworn Holly won the match, she should be top ten for sure, and looking for a rematch in summer vengeance

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 20, 2010


Ultimate Surrender
Aug 9, 2010

except now there is no point in watching another shoot

Device Bondage
Sep 22, 2009

A match always have to have one of my5 favorites to rate Ultimate Surrender, but thiis is an exception or Jessie is one of my 5 favorites

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 6, 2009

My favorite PD shoot, I really want to see Donna sub in a shoot like this, but she is my favorite dom, I am so conflicted

Public Disgrace
May 26, 2009

anyone who complains about round 5 is to stupid to be allowed to leave comments, it is like coming here and complaining about naked combat. This was an exellent match with many surprises, didn't expect as much action as there was

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 14, 2009

If Adrianna took U S as seriously as the top 4 she could become the ultimate force, can't wait to see her reaction in her next match

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 7, 2009

India is always great

Sex And Submission
Sep 23, 2008

The pitt bull can become a force, it was obvious she ran out of steam half way through each round though, best debut from someone with no experience at all that I remember seeing here

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 27, 2008

round 4 WOW

Ultimate Surrender
May 28, 2008

There should be a higher number than 5 for Harmony, Princess Donna and Flower. I haven't watched the last three videos yet, but India is in the same class as those girls, I don't think she reached her limit here though, it is already time for another shoot. I don't really like the fucksaw, but there is no doubt it would be Indias favorite

Fucking Machines