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Comments made by lietzke

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Sep 10, 2010

Not a huge fan of Sinn Sage. Been a member for a long time, seeing her every 2 weeks is disappointing. Sorry..

Device Bondage
Aug 12, 2010

Wow, that was FANTASTIC!!! Thank you Madison!!

Device Bondage
Apr 25, 2010

OMG!! This is my favorite device of all time!! Thanks Matt!! Thanks Lilla!! You did fantastic!

Device Bondage
Jan 15, 2010

Love the site, love the models.. Rain is great but I think the screaming is a bit much. Real or fake which we are all assuming it's real, it's above and beyond what is necessary. Silence is better than over screaming..

Device Bondage
Nov 18, 2009

Wow!!! Way to go you guys!! She is an absolute GODDESS of mainstream porn!! Videos of her are rare at best! Seeing her beaver being violated with such aggressiveness is simply unheard of!! Bravo!

Fucking Machines
Oct 20, 2009

Great job Matt!

Device Bondage
Oct 8, 2009

That was a great shoot!! Ive been gone for a long while, good to be back! Matt, Lietzke here from Buffalo, NY.. I love the two girl shoot, Ive noticed that when one watching another in peril it makes them all the more wet / turned on!! Great job!

Device Bondage
Oct 20, 2005

"girl next door????????" Are you kidding? Wrong girl HarleyG but nice try LMAO!!!

Oct 5, 2005

GREAT is an understatement.. Alot of you have NO IDEA how awsome it is to see christina carter FINALLY at the mercy of a REAL MAN!!!! A REAL BONDAGE MASTER!!! Bravo!!! Great work!!

Jun 22, 2005

People who are complaining have no clue about the lesbian D/s lifestyle. This is how it really is people. The Dominant and the submissive. What else is there? They've even created an awsome set were at least one of them can have a bikini on. This is how women interact.. Sorry if it's not all you thought it was.

Whipped Ass
Jun 3, 2005

Sharon Mitchell operates a free clinic for testing porn stars for HIV.. She still looks good too :)

Whipped Ass
Apr 20, 2005

Matt, Ive searched for literally years for someone to exploit making the pussy leak and drip their womanhood. That was fantastic how Jenni got so turned on from that. If making the pussy wet is on the agenda of each shoot I think you are really on to something. So tired of the pornstar "dryness" if you will and all the ridiculous spitting. Spitting was cool at first, then it was over done and now it's old. Wetness RULES. What else is awsome is if Jenni could have gotten that wet inside a nice pair of brightly solid colored lycra panties. After a suitable wet spot appeared she'd have them cut off of her. That's cool too. One quick note. I myself would love to see a bit of a "role played" struggle in the first two vids. That's just Me. In My Dojo, the struggle and what leads UP to the bondage is half the fun! Great work!! Test Shoots
Apr 13, 2005

Ive come to realize this. Matt runs God only knows how many sites. He is BY FAR AND AWAY the hardest working and smartest B&D and wrestling producer that ever existed. The only person I could think that would be Matt's equal is Bruce Seven and sadly he is not with us any longer may God rest his soul. I dont mean to sound like I am preaching but.. Ive come to realize that if I just forget about it and pay my money every month, once a month or so an update comes out that honest and truly appeals to me. That's about the best you'll find on the internet. Unless you want to visit Bondage Cafe and watch Jim Weathers tie up FAT PREGNANT AND OUT OF SHAPE Amber Michaels and witness week after week girls lying on their backs dressed like maids while he parades around in golf shorts and bare feet always moaning and groaning about something that held up the updates. Jim is very talented, he's just never studied how D/s & B&D actually should be done. You can also go to and watch them tie up Big FAT Amber Michaels after she squeezes her LARD ASS into some latex. Matt does a great job and lest we not forget he runs more than half a dozen websites as well as Ref's some of the most awsome wrestling to ever hit the internet. Sorry if this update isnt what everyone loves to see but.. It's KICK ASS compared to the rest of the internet.. Great job Matt!!!! Nice going girls!!

Whipped Ass
Mar 19, 2005

That sure beats any of the "milk toast" work darling does for jimmy weathers that's for sure!!! Bravo darling and Chanta!

Whipped Ass
Dec 1, 2004

The owner of Academy is very stubborn and refuses to allow suggestions of any kind. First and foremost his lighting is antiquated and very insufficient but he does not mind that. This by far surpasses Academy in quality and content

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