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Comments made by blacksummer_88

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Mar 12, 2010

Beautiful women, but I couldn't see any chemistry. Too many position changes, no focus on their faces as they're coming. It seemed every time they started to get into it they'd stop and change it, which isn't how lesian sex works! I would know. I have a lot of it. I've never seen anyone make it look more boring. Ladies, you're gorgeous, both of you, but this was a let down.

Real Fucking Couples
Jan 15, 2010

Mason was lovely, but why does the vid say 6 min when it's less than 3 and a half? Bit cheeky that (pun not intended).

Everything Butt
Dec 7, 2009

Charley, you're beautiful, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You've got soft sexy curves, perfect skin and a stunning smile. You got the best orgasm award for the shot on the sybian, right? You deserved it. You looked like you barely knew where to put yourself. Best thing about you though is that your orgasms are really genuine. We can see it. You completely lose yourself to what you're feeling, which is a gift considering you've got at least two people in there with you watching and pointing cameras at you. I mean, I get self conscious sometimes when I'm alone with my partner, so I've no idea how you must feel. Shoots like this are exactly what FM is about. Beautiful women genuinely enjoying themselves. Tomcat, as usual,this was amazingly set up. I like the exercise thing you're going with, and I didn't think I would, so good stuff. And anyon who badmouthed Charley? Get a life, get some eyes, and grow some sodding balls. She's a real woman. Better her than some plastic bimbo who spends more time sucking her finger and making eyes at the camera than having a good time.

Fucking Machines
Oct 30, 2009

This wasn't bad, but it was irritating watching Mindy because I know that I personally can do better. She can't really take pain and she was very disobedient and whined when punished. The video got better toward the end however.

Whipped Ass
Oct 28, 2009

I've been trying to convince my lady to do this to me for a while. She's iffy, but now I am so doubling my efforts. That, quite frankly was astounding. Bobbi, you're beautiful, and Tomcat, that was precisely the sort of experience I'd want. I wasn't mad on the spitting. It's just one of those things I don't like in the bedroom, but that's literally the only flaw in this shoot for me. I joined the site for this video and it was thoroughly worth it.

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