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Comments made by LEI

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Oct 22, 2005

well..i loved this one...and i adore anything with Mark Davis in it...but this was what i think alot of us have been looking for...wicked!

Sex And Submission
Oct 9, 2005

i am just going to make a couple of in relation to finding something else like this on the net...there isnt anything...there is nothing like this on the net that combines both bondage and me..i've much as i am happy this site is around..i agree that i think what alot of people are looking for..myself something that combines the sort of bondage that is seen on hogtied..with the sex...i also agree with the comment about Mark..(grins)...i think that one of the things that makes him so effective is that he does understand the mental aspect as well as the physical..being a submissive i can tell you that without it...its simply not as stimulating...i dont want to see this site go away..but i would love more intensity when it comes to the bondage i've said favorite shoots have been a couple of the first ones...where there was a good balance between the mind game and the physical

Sex And Submission
Sep 29, 2005

i must be one of the few that didn't really care for this date my favorites are the ones done with mia bang and jamie huxley..this was okay...i loved the latex and the sex in bondage..i think it was the dynamic between the two that didn't really work all that well for me...or maybe i am just biased against anything that doesn't contain mark love the site though

Sex And Submission
Jul 5, 2005

i have to agree with galed....watching Mark work is toe-curling indeed. more..more..more Mark

Sex And Submission
Mar 26, 2005

This is exactly what i have been looking for. i am a lover of bondage and BDSM but have found that there are precious few sites that offer those things that also include the sex. i would definitely be a subscriber as long as you included more bondage toys..etc...

Sex And Submission
Jun 17, 2004

I'm way biased, I admit..have a thing for asians, and Mika's so me~.~ And "looks" to be untouched by the farrrrr to regular plastic improvements models seem to think look good~.~ Plus rare to see a women actually enjoying anal, as opposed to just being able to do it :D

Fucking Machines
Jun 16, 2004

Love this chick! Very happy to see so much of her on this site~.~

Fucking Machines
Oct 1, 2003

Nice Tits:check. Nice Ass:check. Curvey tight bodies:check. Pretty faces:check. Hot wet pussy: Check. Ready for fucking blastoff!!!

Fucking Machines