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Comments made by acridon

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Mar 17, 2011

First things first the rating has nothing to do with the performance of the girls. I will also skip to comment to much about the silly and insulting dismissal. However, I want to comment on the editing of this shoot, especially the second half. Personally I enjoy whipping etc. very much so this could have been a great scene, but why stay focused only on the faces. 15min with merely two short cuts on the bottoms of the girls, nothing of their backs at all. No variation in the camera angle. Yes reaction of the girls and the expressions on their faces is an important part, but not the only one for 15min. It is quiet frankly boring. The punishment scene also lacks in close ups other then the face, but if this is a punishment why constantly asking number out of ten. I do understand the need to establish a severity level, but not as a part of a punishment. It makes sense in your "testing the girls" set-up but not for this scene. I cannot comment on the Hitachi scene I always fast forward.

The Training Of O
Jan 23, 2011

Have to agree with MistressAngel02 and others, it was clear which girls would made it through and the way Emma was singled out ruined the whole concept again, and one question: what the hell have push-ups to do with being a sexslave or submissive? Do they have sport contest on TUF now? The crotch rope merry-go-around was however awesome to watch and would have even be better with more spanking.

The Training Of O
Jan 8, 2011

I am sorry, but this is a sex and submisison or whippedass shot AT BEST, where was the punishment for the screwing up the "homework", was there any training of being a sub? There was absolutely nothing. Mark Davis might get something out of Evilyn (just a dream as the scenes 3+4 most likely have already been filmed), who looks great, but I fear hasn't thought this appointment through.

The Training Of O
Aug 16, 2010

uhm, okay even if I make myself look stupid, but the tattoo on the buttocks change from left to right during the shoot as does the piercing and the tattoo on the lower arm........hence more then one girl apologize if I missed some information and it was clear to everyone else but me

Fucking Machines