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Fucking Machines - She Comes in Pretty, Leaves Fucked Out. New HD Update Every Wednesday plus Live Shows and Bonus Shoots.

Comments made by STATEHACK

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Dec 30, 2013

What a montage! I prefer penetration but that was an hour of orgasmic bliss

Fucking Machines
Jul 30, 2005

Dana is really awesome, you should have her back again. I think Dana would explode with the stryker attachment...:-) I like the "feel" of the action, definate improvement of early work. Natural,girl-next-door,pleasing appearing models are the best.... (see cowgirl) not that I mind the plastic beauty or hotties.

Fucking Machines
Sep 3, 2004

Easy Answer to the noisy machines..... Dynamat! Its a sound deadening material used in the automotive industry. If you have the Mechanicals housed in a dynamat lined enclosure you will experience a significant drop in noise. Another idea might be to build a dampening enclosure that any of the machines could be placed inside.... a cheap example might be a card board box with the flaps removed and the interior lined with insulation. Such a setup is often used to dampen handgun practice indoors. MIKA ROCKS!

Fucking Machines
Sep 15, 2004

Fake Boobs - Booo... otherwise SMOKIN!!!! Two in a row taking the big dongs... excellent! Webmaster, couldn't you guys spread the releases out daily (m-f) rather than weekly? A machine a day would surely keep everyone busy.... in fact you could rotate the girls daily as well... Waiting the whole week for an update is agonizing... what to do between updates? We're horny guys here... we can't hardly wait a whole week... not with girls like this!

Fucking Machines
Sep 2, 2004

I'll back up Zorch on his comment too... In fact I was going to make the suggestions when I saw he had beaten me to it. In fact, with all the additional footage of 2-3 cams, you should be able to time warp scenes increasing the average length 25-50% which increases content for members too.

Fucking Machines
Oct 22, 2003

The Model is nice enough, but this shoot lacks elements that make for great material. Nautica seems to enjoy herself with the machines, but the whole shoot was bland. No Anal, No Speed fucks, No Big Dildoes, No Suckers, No Feet, No Squirting, No Predator, No Crystal Palace.... However the Loving chair was great, and I would like to see these models manually use the dildoes before attaching them to the machines... let them test drive a few if they want. Multiple dildoes on the same machine maybe once in a while too.... I would have liked Nautica to try a different toy on the Loving chair as well after enjoying her first encounter. Why not take the Portafuk (or other portable) on the road and do an "amateur" shoot. Keep it fresh.

Fucking Machines
Oct 21, 2003

Ya Know I would hate to throw a wrench into something that generally is decent material.... But why don't you guys relase more "scene" and less EPIC sessions. Also you could have Qwikies - One time only girls who cum once and go.... You could still shoot in epic porportions but reduce the releases by machine scene or something.... that way everyone could see the same roughly 4 girls a month spread across everyday.... with qwikies filling in gaps. Kylie - You're great! Luv ya! Avi - Thank you!

Fucking Machines
Oct 16, 2003

More Machines! I agree with Jasonite 100%

Fucking Machines
Oct 12, 2003

Very Pretty - Very vocal - Seemed to get bored at times - narrow selection of machines - very narrow selection of dildo types - This beauty needs to be explored thouroghly and introduced to a large variety of FuckingMachine's arsenal. Would love to see her make full use of the predator's fully configurable stroke. (Kylie, and Sabrine should get encores rides on it too.)

Fucking Machines