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Aug 15, 2002

Baby Doll; I have'nt had the chance to watch any of the movies yet but before I do I'd just like to say, thank you for your candor. Your participation at HOGTED has entertained and brought sexual excitement to many people who otherwise would have had none. And as for those who can achieve those (or any other) types of sexual escapades, I'd like to think that they may have learned something usefull. Unfortunately I will never be one of those (I cant be a do'er so I have to be a learner). I see this site as one that is MOSTLY fun based and not just EGO based. Thanks Baby Doll and I hope I enjoy the movies as much as ALMOST everone else seemed to.

Jul 12, 2002

Sorry Lee you cant marry her cause Im going to! GEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! What a TOTAL Hottie!!!! Marry Me Mika! WHEW!

Fucking Machines
Jun 8, 2002

you guys should be ashamed of yourselfs! thats 100% table pussy there! WAY TO GO WANDA!!!! hope she'll come back soon! (just for the record i wish you would use the tit suckers a little more often too). up to now Cow girl has been my un-deniable favorite but she's been away so long i think i've found a new one [:-}

Fucking Machines
Jan 21, 2002

Cowgirl. I havent watched the movies yet. But before I do I just have to say that even if you werent giving SO much pleasure and happiness to all of us out here that I would still think you were the best looking model on the sites (yours and the others) thanks. and thank you too fucking machines.

Fucking Machines
Dec 30, 2001

This is not just a rating of Goldie, but of your site overall. I have waited for a while before I added my comments to the other members(fans?) of your site. I'd have to say that so far my favorite model is "Cowgirl" you guys really seem to get your moneys worth with her and she seems to enjoy what she's doing as well. Also I'd like to say that I agree with just about every body else, if you cant think of anything else to have the girls to do than using a Drill and a Saw, Then maybe you could have the model spend a little more time with the "machine" that she likes best (might make for some more juicy action). The tit suckers get my vote though (love em). Keep up the EXELENT work guys! ps. If I had the bucks to do what you guys get to do I dont know if could keep from beeing greedy with the footage!

Fucking Machines