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Feb 20, 2003

At Last, They splashed out on a 4,6,8 machine Which in my opinion is the hottest fucking machine around. The depth can be adjusted on the fly. So why didn't she use it ? I would join a Site if it only had this machine on, seriously. Please more of the erotiche machine but this time let someone else take the controls to make sure the girl gets a good fucking ;-)

Fucking Machines
Jan 24, 2003

Over Actor !!!

Fucking Machines
Jan 29, 2003

What the fuck is too Vanilla ?

Fucking Machines
Aug 28, 2002

Nice shoot. Shame about the tattoos. And why bother with sybian machine, it's totally un-interesting.

Fucking Machines
Jul 19, 2002

Ok this is ok material, BUT!! There is nothing more fucking annoying and more off-putting than the sound of a camera keep going off and some really noisy machine. For Fuck Sake!!! oil the machines and do the still seperate to the video's !!

Fucking Machines
Jul 12, 2002

At Last the people on this site are starting to have some imagination!!!!! a little play acting adds to the over affect, wicked

Fucking Machines
Aug 15, 2002

At last a different setting!!! some real imagination coming through. It adds to the scene greatly Not keen on guys in the shoot. Gorgeous Girl a++

Fucking Machines
Apr 21, 2001

ok this stuff is ok but honestly where is everybodies imagination, how many girls have we seen on the pool table now?? alot i think!! i love the idea of machines fucking woman but the same old routine is getting boring. ok why not make a set with props, like a girl is stranded on a space ship and falls asleep only to awake hook up to some god dam fucking red hot machine, i know binding the girls is illegal but you can have them rigged up looking as is there were bound. come fucking more imagination, dress the girls up, more attention to the sets, disguise the machines in some big fucking robot, do something please !!!!!

Fucking Machines
Mar 19, 2001

i think this real player stuff is great,,you get so much more for your bite, show me a mpeg that plays as long as these real clips with the same file size and ill eat my hat lol

Fucking Machines
Feb 3, 2001

fine looking woman, and the machine is canny aswell lol

Fucking Machines