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Comments made by steph55

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Jan 30, 2016

If /ariel hDn't help her Darling would've never past 70 its.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 13, 2015

Ariel ought to start a U.S. Academy before allowing these rockiest wrestle. There should be minimum level of expertise in order to et on camera. Of course it is probably cost prohibitive, however, I just thought I'd put the idea out there.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 4, 2014

I agree with lecher until he admits he doesn't know who won. I am a former collegiate wrestler so I know that Ariel won. I scored it as if I were the ref and Ariel had more style points than did Syd. I think Darling is a top tier grappler but she needs to referee more matches before you throw her in with these two highly skilled wrestlers. There were many times in rounds 2and 3 when I found myself yelling CONTROL PINK! CONTROL PINK! Conversely she gave Syd control when she had neither control of body nor appendage, Therefore, as i scored it Ariel won going way. That being said, congrats to both ladies for a very entertaining and technically proficient match. I don't think Darling did a bad job considering the amount of experience she's had at reefing, unless she has refereed before there is no way she could be ready for this level. ice try Darling, ref a few more matches then give it another shot.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 28, 2013

I think you some new camera angles. Once you show us what is happening to her vagina do you think we forget? For once show how she is being stimulated and then show us how her body orgasms. Give u angles we could never see while we are doing it ourselves. The money shot is getting a little stale.

Fucking Machines
Jan 24, 2011

Matt, my comments were not directed at you nor your marvelous work improving US. I simply thought you wanted input from both sides of the argument. I apologize if I made you feel unappreciated, as that was not my intention.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 20, 2010

You didn't maintain her discipline after you told her how to ask for what she wanted. Allowing a sub to break discipline is not very comfortable to a sub. It gives them firm boundaries and guides them to achieve what they want out of the experience. Otherwise, great chemistry in the shoot.

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