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Aug 6, 2003

All in all, a beautiful performance. Lyla is really hot, with really nice beautiful dark skin, lovely dark vulva against her pink clit. Really nice build, too, she fits together perfectly, and a fun, sexy chill openness about her manner as well. That said, you guys totally overdubbed her initial reaction to the Stryker dildo in 28lylalei01hammer. I'd rather see/hear her honest reaction, personally. Much sexier to feel that I am seeing something real than the usual pretending for the camera. We all know that too big is possible for women, why not just be honest about it? This is not a criticism of her, but a criticism of the site. I'd give it a five, but I just can't rate anything as "wikid". How about I just give her a six and leave it at that?

Fucking Machines