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Comments made by carrieL

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Dec 22, 2013

The nasty litle slut; i.e., Roxy needs the speculum for us. Also, it would be good to see Holly walk around and strut for us, with the big red dildo all the way up in her hole.

Evil Angel
Dec 15, 2013

Holly loves to lick ass. I want for her to eat mine. Excellent grand finale with Roxy.

Evil Angel
Nov 30, 2013

Stretch the sluts, Katja!

Everything Butt
Nov 29, 2013

While I still have some favourites, Amy Brooke's lack of recent work disappointed me. She must have either made enough to retire on or has a sore butthole. Having prolapse alone does not make anyone a star, I think. It is either a genetic defect or earned the hard way. Keep using lube, Hanna! And I recalled this cute blonde that was in a movie with Amy, and this little gal did not have fake breasts- a definite plus! No foul words coming out of her mouth and so I decided to start with her first movie and if things are alright then get all of them. ;) Still transferring the file at the moment.

Everything Butt
Aug 10, 2013

where is the bitch? it is time for an update.

Everything Butt
Jul 7, 2013

Dainty communication. The unedited quality is also good. Perhaps it is difficult to do live- Amy should have the speculum some more, so we can *really* see. I want to hold her hand. "Cure blindness with a whore's spittle." --James Douglas Morrison

Electro Sluts
Jun 26, 2013

Legendary! These two women belonged together. Amy is a good girl!

Everything Butt
Jun 25, 2013

Never seen one from 'pissing' before. Amber was fun to watch! Still, she should have swallowed more. After rating this one as Good, I feel that Sasha Grey probably should have been rated as Poor. Oh, well.

Jun 25, 2013

Such a cute little slut! So interesting that I looked at her 'twitter', and I do not tweet. I am glad the she enjoyed the perigee moon. :) Bring her back again to Public Disgrace! I think it is her best niche. The other two gals did fine work as well!

Public Disgrace
Jun 22, 2013

For about 45 minutes her foul mouth was not heard very much. Itwas good timing for the pussy whipping. This whore needs a gag.

Wired Pussy
May 31, 2013

Sort of refined. Pleasing. Now I want to mess her up on some new sheets.

Fucking Machines
Apr 4, 2013

the prolapse complainers should tune in to another channel. what do you expect from her next time- that things will go backwards? once you have a ice cubes and electricity then they are not luxuries any longer.

Everything Butt
Apr 3, 2013

comparing the two was an erotic experience. a bit more of the 'sore butt strut' would be interesting. "A fat man will feel his heart burst and call it beautiful." -Hunter S Thompson. i was actually interested enough to look at amy's web site, but it was weird twitter shit. it would be better to watch her shit that read her shit.

Everything Butt
Aug 4, 2012

voted "good" based on the past- could be "great"- i am still getting the film. my intent is to retort at the comment that felony is not fine as sub. if i asked her if she was sure that she liked it and her answer is yes, my testosterone would climb by levels immediately. ;)

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