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Comments made by Acandnine12

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Jul 7, 2011

She is SOOO FUCKING SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Machines
May 17, 2011

Between that phenomonal last orgasm,all those beautiful tears of joy and the breast milk, I was starting think you might dehydrate!!! You are absolutely awesome Val!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!! You Rock babygirl!!! And for you people that keep posting shit that is so disrespectful that Tomcat has to delete it, you need to learn some fucking manners!!!!! We all got a peak inside her soul and that alone deserves a TON of respect!!!!

Fucking Machines
May 8, 2011

You are so beautiful my Queen. FM Royalty...Thank You, Thank You..Fucking Thank You

Fucking Machines
May 5, 2011

Tomcat. We have definitely got to keep tabs on this gorgeous little vixen and invite her back soon. And seriously Tomcat, I envy YOU so much!!!! You have got the greatest job on earth, without question!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Machines
Apr 30, 2011

She is DEFINITELY built for action!!! Your a hottie babygirl keep doin' what you do!!! Luv Ya

Fucking Machines
Apr 23, 2011

What do we have to do to get Brooke BACK!!!??!! APB, picture in the post office!!???!!! Tomcat? Did you try Homeland Security? Brooke IS a Weapon of Mass Distraction...Talk about bringing the heat!!!! We miss you Brooke...Love You babe

Fucking Machines
Apr 6, 2011


Fucking Machines
Nov 12, 2010

This shoot is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Without a doubt an FM Hall of Fame performance. Tom Cat you said it best..."what a treat"!!! Again, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Machines
Nov 5, 2010

This was hot. I am a HUGE fan of Dia Zerva's,,,you need to do another solo for your fans baby girl. And Tomcat, I personally would love to see you do another role playing scene like the one you did with Charley Chase where you played the cop pulling her over for reckless driving and taking her to the farm house to discipline her. That was GREAT to watch. Thanks for all that you do at FM. Take care

Fucking Machines
Oct 21, 2010

YOU are definitely a fucking machines "Hall Of Fame" member

Fucking Machines
Sep 27, 2010

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Machines