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Comments made by benjaminsf

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Apr 17, 2013

PD, was the track at the beginning a track of yours? I was digging it! Also, I liked this fantasy roleplay. Arabelle is eye candy and Xander as the loony toon was awesome!

Hardcore Gangbang
Oct 12, 2012

Sarah a natural wrassler?! I could see it. She held her own and if she wasn't lacking skill and knowledge of earning style points, she could have won this. It was a great match and to see her be able to win the arm wrestling match was awesome. Hope to see more of her in the future! :)

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 5, 2012

Happy to see a pinay on BGB! Krissie was definitely game and the set up was perfect. The acting was passable but then again, who really watches these things for the acting? As long as it helps with the flow of the story, which it does. What was crazy is that Krissie is such a tiny girl, I cringed a little when she had to take those huge dicks...but she did it and came back for more! Two thumbs up and thanks for bringing Krissie PD! :D

Bound Gang Bangs
Jul 18, 2012

First! Not much can be said about the awesomeness of this shoot. Batten down the hatches! Hurricane Cytherea will soon make landfall with a powerful barrage of torrential squirt! Warnings of flash floods of squirt are in full effect! Either run for higher ground or be prepared to be deluged! How awesome was this?!

Fucking Machines
Jul 13, 2012

Bobbi always does an awesome job! It's a pleasure to watch her ply her craft. She made Naidyne comfortable and got the most out of her. Naidyne is one tough chick! Talk about getting pulled through the ringer! Taking the cattle prod on the pussy looks like it hurt something fierce! Bravo you two! :D

Electro Sluts
Jul 13, 2012

Kitty and Eris played very well off of each other. I am a huge anime geek so this was a fun update for me. Kitty did a great job topping Eris and Eris was very obedient. Great first shoot Eris!

TS Pussy Hunters
Jul 3, 2012

Oh Alexxa Bound...that cheeky monkey! Best quote of the night: "You trained the dog to run the sybian?"

The Upper Floor
Jul 2, 2012

Edweirdo, I am only critical because I know what kind of care the kink directors take in making sure their features are up to par. I thought what I was saying was more constructive criticism rather than downright improper comments. If we didn't give our directors constructive criticism then they would possibly not be putting the best product out there that we the audience know they can. So I say what I say out of caring more than vindictiveness. Thanks for re-editing that part out Tomcat. Although I am bummed Vivienne didn't make it into this part of the feature, I do think it is a great shoot! Good job!

Fucking Machines
Jun 30, 2012

An amazing job by Kristina! Day 2 proved to be a cakewalk compared to Day 3. Some straight "patience grasshopper" shit! Watching JP hone and mold her into a formidable house slave is truly a pleasure and when I say formidable, I do not say it lightly. Kristina has a lot of potential...probably the most potential out of any of the slaves to have come through the training. Bravo Kristina!

The Training Of O
Jun 29, 2012

Since this is a feature, I do not have an issue with Mickey being in the ties in to the storyline. However, for a split second when you pan out in the last scene where Remy is trying to take a big dildo up her ass, the camera pans out to briefly reveal one of your prop guys adjusting the fucking machine. Come on guys! I know you could have edited that out! Also, I am a little bummed Vivienne Del Rio didn't make it into this part of the feature as she was in the previous shoot. I liked it but honestly the prop guy showing up briefly on camera ruined it for me.

Fucking Machines
Jun 28, 2012

First...and as far as I'm concern Bonnie is the biggest pain slut at KINK! I can tell JP had a field day with this one! Everything was firing on all cylinders. Bravo you two!

Jun 20, 2012

Damn...Ariel carrying Bella out over her shoulder like a caveman...fucking hot!

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 15, 2012

First! I had some reservations regarding a fairly well-known vanilla porn actress trying to do TTOO but after seeing what they put her through and watching her live show, I applaud her. The Pope and James Deen did not go easy on her. Anal fisting right out the gate? Whew! Much respect and applause, rosie!

The Training Of O
Jun 12, 2012

First! Always a great effort girls! Very technical but with the addition of the rooks it makes things a little different. Great job!

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 3, 2012

While it is obvious both girls need a bit of polish on their techniques, I found their inexperience rather entertaining and charming. I agree with what others have suggested...more petite girls so Shae has someone to wrestle. Hannah took a bit to get her bearings but once she realized what advantages she held over Shae she used them excellently. I can't wait to see their development and hope they stick with it. Round 4 was awesome...Hannah definitely has all the makings of a domme. Overall a surprisingly great shoot!

Ultimate Surrender