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Comments made by fuelcell

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Jun 18, 2005

This is a good one. Cute girl, nice body, compromising positions. Good. Some of your models look like they'd fuck anything that moved, I like the semi-innocent look like this chick.

Water Bondage
Dec 11, 2006

Are you kidding me? Embryonic Fluid? Embryonic Fluid (composed mostly of foetal urine) fills the amniotic sac, which itself is formed 10- to 12- days after CONCEPTION. Do you think women just walk around with embryonic and amniotic fluid in their bodies their entire lives? Please do more research before telling people they need more "sex school". The "Squirt" may be real, but I rated this a 3 because it is obvious this is just a pissing contest. Also, the over-dubbing was condescending. Signed, A Doctor who happens to Love Porn.

Fucking Machines
Aug 10, 2006

round 4 was just completely kick ass. have never seen anything like it. geez man.

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 29, 2005

Damn! Man this one rocked.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 30, 2005

This was a good one. Dayum!

Fucking Machines
Jan 9, 2005

This one was fucking awesome. Great job, guys! (And gals!)

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 26, 2003

She has a big ass. That is nice.

Sep 15, 2003

Decent, but the fake/balloon tits are a complete turnoff for me. She looks like a clown.

Wired Pussy
Sep 12, 2003

Great. I like the wand in her ass. Good job.

Wired Pussy