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Comments made by wriggsy

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Jan 16, 2011

One minor complaint about the beginning of the scene is that Madison is talking about how tight her jeans are and her panties, etc., and it's like she wants to show off her body start off with a little tease, and the director's like, "Uh, yeah, just get undressed." I don't get it.

Fucking Machines
Jan 16, 2011

Too girly??? You should try Whipped Ass. That's something that couldn't be said about any of the doms on that site, which is, unfortunately, the ONLY all girl site on Kink. I'm trying to decide to decide whether to subscribe to any sites - I'm sick of the male talent in mainstream porn - but, so far, I haven't seen ENOUGH hot-looking chicks like Madison. Would love to see her in a scene with someone like Kristina Rose or Lilly LaBeau.

Fucking Machines
Jan 16, 2011

OK, no one's going to read this, because it's 3 yrs. after the shoot, but I just have a couple pressing questions. Why are ALL the bondage sights M on F? I mean, I'm not really a fan of, say, Isis Love on Whipped Ass, because she doesn't do much for me in terms of being sexually attractive, but I'd rather see her dom Sasha than a dude. And why is this, like, the only shoot Sasha did for Kink, in which her perfect ass is utilized? I mean, the part where she's tied up against the wall with her ass exposed, is pretty much worth the cost of the shoot.

Water Bondage
Jan 7, 2011

Last part was a little repititous, but the anal scent more than made up for it, especially combined with the bondage and the position she was in. Some good overhead shots of her very nice ass. And Sindee's cute as hell.

Fucking Machines
Jan 4, 2011

I'm really not into M on F B&D, but I bought this shoot, 'cause I thought the position really emphasized Lilly's fantastic ass and legs. I didn't expect the camera to be on the dude as much as it was, nor did I expect to hear him yammer throughout the scene, like a physical trainer. What do your directors make and where can I fill out an application?

Jan 3, 2011

Cute model, liked the anal (wish there would've been more, since she said that was her favorite part), but I've never been able to understand shooting a chick with a hot body on her back 90% of the time.

Fucking Machines
Jan 1, 2011

I'd like to see this pairing on Whipped Ass or Everything Butt, but I don't see that happening.

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 28, 2010

I really don't care whether that constitutes the legal definition of fisting or not. The close-ups of Madison's great ass were hot. The shoot was too short to get a higher rating, though. Also, just wondering after watching a handful of shoots: is ATM considered too kinky for

Everything Butt
Dec 17, 2010

This is only the 2nd shoot I've watched on and they were both basically the same scenerio. But, it was refreshing to have someone like Lorelei Lee in the teacher/dom role - someone who's pretty, fit, natural, and young. Who cares that she's probably only a few yrs. older than Kristina? It's porn.

Whipped Ass