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Comments made by qwerty

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Aug 16, 2007


Ultimate Surrender
Jul 5, 2004


Jun 6, 2004


Jun 2, 2004

Outstanding..... I love the Strappado position and the way her wonderful Breasts are presented.

Sep 25, 2003

Absolutely awsome.

May 13, 2002


Fucking Machines
Dec 12, 2001

I think some of you guys are being a little too hard on her. I agree that some vocalization would be nicer - even if she just talked; as in, "Ooh, that's nice." Even a nod or smile at the camera would be cool. But notice 2 things. First, it's obvious that she's willing to take it as deep & hard as the machines could dish out. On the Jetaime, almost all the others I've seen leaned back on it which made it not go as deep & also tended to make it pop out. She was literally on her hands & knees to make it go straight & deep. Second, most comments have lambasted her tattoos & piercings. But I wonder ... if she had been wild & crazy, would more of us have been OK with that stuff? It's almost like we think her quietness is out of character with her 'look.' So some of us attack her quietness, some of us attack her look, but its really the disparity between the two that seems to be central. Besides, I like the Marylin Monroe tattoo on her right thigh! And I like the way the dildo seems to push up her abdomen in the 'intruderdeep' clip, like it's shoving her internal organs around - now that's penetration!

Fucking Machines
Dec 9, 2001

The thing that struck me was that she seemed to actively resist orgasm. Oh, she went thru some of the right motions - grabbing her tits; fingering her clitoris - but she seemed otherwise actively disinterested. In most of the clips, she sighed as though she were bored, or grimaced slightly. She was very passive & non-vocal. In one video the machine is pumping really hard - and her only reaction is to laugh; look at the camera, and say, "Damn." It's like someone who doesn't want to be hypnotized. They'll laugh, cry, anything to not get into it. Seems to me that she realizes this unconsciously. Perhaps she is searching for a thrill she'll never get.

Fucking Machines