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Comments made by Sexmagician00

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Feb 13, 2009

Happy "V" Day to everyone as well. James, thanks for becoming more involved, you're the head trainer for a reason. Dylan is definitely a trooper. What she can take scares the shit out of my new slave, makes my dick hard though. As for Mistress Aiden, I fell in love with you when I watched you fist Sabrina Fox, my dick is still hard over that scene. As always, nice work, keep it up. Sexmagician00 aka Daddydominus on

The Training Of O
Jan 10, 2009

I think Dyland is a great model. I look forward to seeing more of her shoot. James of course is always on. Great Job!

The Training Of O
Jan 1, 2009

I have to agree mostly with illburwhore. James, with his obvious skill in the art's is not on the same level as anyone else he includeds in the shoot or should I say they are not on the same level as him. Lobo is an apprentice. An apprentice is an apprentice for a reason. I think his apprenticeship is coming along quite well, I wouldn't be to hard on him. Fuck, you guys are a tuff crowd. Aiden, she can be my alpha slave any day of the week and what ever is going on between her and Lobo I applaud. I would like to see more of James and that's because he knows his stuff and I joined the site to learn from him because I was that impressed. I make allowances for less skilled indivduals, they can't all be James. :-) Bottom line, James and his bunch are the best around for slave training and you guys freaking know it, so lighten up and enjoy the content that you receive. Compared to anything else, there is no comparesion, I know, I've looked. If you guys want to see more James's give him time to grow them. The content is still the best around. Magician

The Training Of O
Dec 13, 2008

I have to agree with caw0009! That was outstanding oral training. I also like the features of this models body. She's built for sensual service. yummy! :-)

The Training Of O
Nov 29, 2008

I agree with LinnyK. Sabrina's ability to take pain and her look, do it for me. AKA - DaddyDominus on ALT.

The Training Of O
Nov 15, 2008

Loved the bent over bondage scene, good job wolf.

The Training Of O
Nov 14, 2008

I noticed slave heart in her more so that any of the others, nice work. I love her attitude and as always James, good job.

The Training Of O
Oct 24, 2008

Sabrina is a wonderful model. It's obvious she gives herself over to the process. Good work! I look forward to her next installment.

The Training Of O
Oct 18, 2008

James, you continue to amaze me. I feel alexa's training is going quite well. Doing a great job with Lobo as your apprentice as well. Keep up the good work. alexa seems to be developing "slave heart" nice job!

The Training Of O
Oct 11, 2008

Love the zipper, got the idea from James, been having fun with it since. Works great! Thanks.

The Training Of O
Oct 4, 2008

I agree with lyricalsongbird, James you keep outdoing yourself. Where did you get so skilled? Princes Donna, after watching your training and seeing you truly humble yourself I have mad respect for you and your skills as a Domme as well. Keep up the good work, both of you!

The Training Of O
Sep 27, 2008

Nice models...

The Training Of O
Sep 20, 2008

Excellent training video. Good work guys and gals. Sabrina, I weep at your growth, now choke on my cock, slut. :-) Be well.

The Training Of O
Aug 23, 2008

I too can not wait for this site in October. Very cutting edge, I love it. As a DOM it gives me great ideas for scenes with my subs.

Public Disgrace
Jun 6, 2008

Ok, ok, I will start the first ever religion devoted to Lorelei. We shall call it Lorelei-ism. :-) And she gets worshiped when she is a good little submissive whore.

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