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Comments made by alfarcher

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Feb 21, 2010

I was totally unable to obey: I couldn't let go. The good news: I've thrown away the Viagra.

Kink Live
Oct 3, 2009

On the HD version the first scene is missing but it is ok on the wmv version - please fix it

Wired Pussy
Oct 2, 2009

Have not viewed download yet but expect any production with Maitresse M involved will be great. However, film is advertised as 62 mins but download is only 43??????????

Wired Pussy
Aug 25, 2009

Chamille is phenominal: exceptionally pretty face and delightful figure. Her shyness and apparent innocence make for an unmissable clip that I shall watch over and over. Chamille admitted to liking rough sex and I appreciate that it must be a long way off, if ever, but the thought of Chamille, possible as schoolgirl or maid, meeting Maitresse Madeline is a mind-blowing prospect. Well I can always dream. Thank you Chamille and Tomcat for this memorable film.

Fucking Machines
Aug 23, 2009

This, in my view, is far the best to date and to say that of any film that features Maitresse Madeline is praise indeed. Kristine is clearly a genuine slave and her insistence on remaining in role spoke volumes. A real slave, a mistress beyond compare and the result is a truly great film. Congratulations ladies and thank you.

Whipped Ass
Aug 4, 2009

Comme d'habitude Maitresse est magnifique; Krissy is pretty fantastic as well.What a combination they make! What a great shoot! This is one of the best ever and to say that about an MM film is praise indeed.

Whipped Ass
Jul 15, 2009

This is the first time that I have ever recorded a negative comment on any of your sites. Kink films are always gloriously filthy but, and here is the paradox, they usually succeed in being erotic without being crude. There was none of the subtlety about this shoot that, say, Maitresse Madeline or Donna always bring. It was not helped by both girls excessive, constant and unnecessary use of the words "fuck/fucking". In my view it was saved from a "poor" rating only by the butt worship which was good. However, overall I found the film just plain crude and not particularly arousing. Sorry ladies.

Everything Butt
Jul 8, 2009

Nicotine was clearly nervous and Maitresse Madeline took led her through her journey so expertly and caringly. No, this was not a wang, bang wallop production but it was supremely erotic. MM is superb in everything in which she appears, exquisitely dressed with perfect makeup which enhances her natural beauty and with a technique that makes her every film compelling viewing. I just wish she did not appear in so many sites; I cannot afford continuous membership of them all. How about a new site: Maitresse Madeline?

Everything Butt
May 16, 2009

Nina came back from retirement for a session with Maitresse Madeleine; I'd come back from the grave for that opportunity - DELICIOUS. Congratulations ladies!

Whipped Ass
Apr 3, 2009

I am puzzled. Last week I had downloaded this film within an hour of it being available. By the end of that hour was the message from lemonlime07 who had downloaded and watched an hour and twenty minutes of film and found Maitresse Madeline wanting. How did he manage that? Having now seen this film myself I think it is one of the best ever produced, its only competition being Maitresse Madeline with Dia Zerva. MM is, in my view, quite superb. She combines class, a cool sophistication, stunning attractiveness, excellent technique, total contol, the personification of sexiness with an ability to slowly build up the sexual tension that can only result in a single conclusion. Oh, in case you were wondering I think Maitresse Madeline is rather good.

Whipped Ass
Feb 14, 2009

Having given up on this site due to its "sameness" I cancelled my subscription a little over weeks ago. Since then, whilst I have been waiting for it to expire, you have produced three great shoots of which this is by far the best. Cecilia is a beautifil girl, with a breathtaking smile and what appears to be a bubbly and utterly sexy personality; her interviews are truly erotic. The chemistry between Donna and Cecilia added to this epic as did the all girl play To top it off is Donna's magnificent decolletage which allowed those sublime glimpses and hints of what was barely concealed. Cancel my subscription? Any more of this and I shall take out lifetime membership.

Public Disgrace
Jan 16, 2009

I have just got around to this shoot and of the seven that I have seen to date this was by far the best. There was never a boring moment, Raina was very attractive with an "innocent" look, she was humiliated, whipped fairly hard and abused in a superbly random manner. When she was pulled around on the trolley before anyone who happened to be around was magnificent and a total turn-on. Donna, as ever, was superbly dominant and fiercely attractive. (Please, let us have more Donna) Raina clearly enjoyed her suffering and I can well believe she is a life-style sub. Just thoughts: had Raina been forced to serve a women as well as the men would have improved a great shoot; the eastern European shoots, whilst being a great concept, do not do it for me - they are very sameish and, for obvious practical reasons, they are hardly "public". Shoots such as this, Charley Chase and Bella, albeit using staff, press all the right buttons for me. Keep experimenting and good luck with this new site; its prospects are very promising.

Public Disgrace
Dec 20, 2008

Have now managed to see this shoot. It was awesomely filthy. You and Bella are superb. LOVED IT

Public Disgrace
Nov 10, 2008

Hi Donna Have not yet seen this latest update but have read so many negative comments from previous films that I have seen. Frankly I feel that most are being unfair and are clearly unsure what it is they really want from your site. The concept is excellent and the films that I have seen have been great. I particulsrly enjoyed Charley Chase in the dinner party film; that was a good scenario and well worth repitition - perhaps when the guy in the blue shirt has a night off. It would be good to see more "public" displays but clearly this must be very difficult to organise in practice. The criticsm of Steve by DownCKid id difficult to understand. Steve always does a great job and I have never been disappointed by his performance. As for your own, I think you really make the films and would welcome seeing more of you, both figuratively and litteraly. Keep with the format; your frustration with the comments is palpable but I am sure that you will in time attract a loyal audience.

Public Disgrace
Jun 13, 2008

"Great" does not do justice to this segment. Having seen all previous TOOs, many of which have been superb, I found this the biggest turn on. Amber collecting spunk from her ass before putting the glass to her lips ................ superb. Congratulations to Amber and all concerned on a magnificent shoot from a great site

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