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Comments made by Finfrock

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Jan 15, 2016

Fantastic. Chanel is simply the best! Great shoot.

Hardcore Gangbang
Dec 7, 2015

Magnificent. Alena might be the hottest girl I've seen on Kink. Great job by everyone involved in this shoot. Please bring Alena back!

Sex And Submission
Nov 1, 2015

I strongly disagree with those who are complaining about this video. This is a fetish porn site (the name is for God's sake!). If something like this offends your religious sensibilities, I've got news for you: The Christian religion forbids you from watching porn and/or being on this site, so you shouldn't be on here in the first place. As someone who was raised as a repressed Catholic, the nun & blasphemy videos you post on this site are much appreciated. Maybe they're not for everybody but there's a large contingent of people who are into this fetish. Please do not let these individuals "censor" you; you are a cutting-edge site that should be commended for pushing boundaries a little. Keep up the good work!

Public Disgrace
Jan 1, 2015

Great!!! I have to disagree with some of the previous posters on the religious/blasphemy aspect; I love this theme. This site is a fetish site and it's all about pushing boundaries and exporing taboo subjects. The nun & blasphemy aspect is a huge turn-on for me (having been raised as a repressed Catholic). I'd love to see more nun stuff on this site.

Whipped Ass
Jan 27, 2014

Fantastic scene. And this girl is a real find. I will respectfully disagree with the previous poster. I loved the blasphemy aspect of this scene. As a former repressed Catholic, I love the fact that Kink does Nun and blasphemy scenes. I know you'll always get a few complaints about this type of scene but the whole point of this site is to push boundaries and explore kinks and fetishes. The people who would be offended by this probably shouldn't be on this site if this violates their religious or moral beliefs. Just my opinion. I'd love to see you create a whole site for nun/blasphemy stuff; maybe those who would be offended by that could just stay off that site. Food for thought.

Public Disgrace
Mar 26, 2013

Great scene! And I loved the blasphemy aspect to it. To those objecting: Good God, this is a fetish porn site! If you are truly following your faith, you wouldn't be looking at this in the first place. There are a lot of us repressed Catholics out there who would love to see a whole Kink site devoted to Nun stuff. The only thing I can say in defense of those objecting is that since this a Foot site, I can see why you wouldn't expect to see a blasphemy angle on this site. But it does baffle me that you're so offended. Again, maybe Kink could develop a Nun site and put a disclaimer that it will contain blasphemy.

Foot Worship
May 26, 2011

Bobbi is amazing (as always). You can put her on here every week & I'd never get tired of her.

Everything Butt
May 13, 2011

Wow, Annie looks great; she's hotter than ever (although I don't care for the lip ring). She's an amazing performer; she's vocal (which I love) and she brings a ton of energy.

Fucking Machines
Apr 1, 2011


Fucking Machines
Jan 6, 2011

Good Lord, this is the hottest girl in the history of this site. She is beautiful & sexy and I love to hear scream and talk dirty. It's great to see someone so totally uninhibited; she just goes off & it's amazing to watch.

Fucking Machines
Jan 4, 2011

Lorelei is the best! Keep the Lorelei scenes coming.

Fucking Machines
Dec 12, 2010

Holy shit, where did this girl come from? Incredibly sexy; possibly the hottest girl I've ever seen on this site. Bring her back!

Fucking Machines
Nov 17, 2010

Holy shit, Isis is the hottest girl you'v ever had on this site. I loved her moaning & screaming; simply magnificent. Bring her back!

Fucking Machines
Apr 16, 2010

Damn, I love Isis! She might be the hottest girl in porn right now. I absolutely love to hear her voice; thus, my only minor complaint with the scene is when she did the sucking on the other machine (thereby depriving us from hearing her incredibly sexy voice). I could watch Isis every week, so keep bringing her back!

Fucking Machines