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Comments made by messiah7769

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Mar 15, 2012

shout out to the ladies in the vid. I apreciate there sacrifice. But really every update is the same 2 girls, then a guy and its always about the cock- I have one I dont need to see his. every update doesnt need to be roleplaying then cock raming. were is the exploritive side of this site, I want to see girls with other girls help each other explore, solo mid week updates of someone who wants to push there own limit. with out the oh my god he came on my face!!! I can get that shit for free anywere.. I want what this site had that drew me to pay for it...

Everything Butt
Jun 6, 2011

Ok,Joined because women explored themselves and each others limits and imaginations. Now just same ole porn as anyone else. everything around the cum shot--- wow, suprise-I didnt see that coming.......

Everything Butt
May 18, 2010

I dont ever complain about shoots, I would love to see less men involved to, Great once in a while for a change up but not as a base. Would love to see more girls with a pile of accending size plugs, dildos, glass ones too, and see how big they can go. then off to a maturbating scene. Ya, end the cheesy dialoge and everyday and on every other website crap. I understand you cant please everyone I can only hope you have been reading that a vast majority of people who leave feedback are unsatisfied with the current footage. I will never take away from the models and there anal sacrafice. I bow to that. I only wish to see less updates with better content. Thank you

Everything Butt
Apr 11, 2010

Bravo to both you ladies! All those who are ranting, get a life, move out of your moms house and shut the F@#k up.

Everything Butt
Nov 28, 2009

my vote is for her!!!

Fucking Machines