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Feb 7, 2009

hey guys - Isis' body is STILL beautiful.

Fucking Machines
Feb 5, 2009

bigmac - I did have a cold - but this was not going to be the day I called in sick!

Fucking Machines
Jan 31, 2009

skullspider - you must be new - welcome! No one has asked for me on the machines in quite some time! I'm just the orgasm messenger ;)

Fucking Machines
Jan 30, 2009

skittle - you can download the movie now as a full file. dwightlee - if you are having tech issues - please contact support@kink.com. pippin - this is just some variety in shoots. Next week we are in the bedroom!

Fucking Machines
Jan 29, 2009

as grainvalley stated - the other options besides streaming flash are still available. If you are having trouble with the stream - please contact support@kink.com for assistance.

Fucking Machines
Jan 28, 2009

skysoldier - are you referring to the flash movie? You can still download the clips in wmv.

Fucking Machines
Jan 25, 2009

satine - you must remember that cage - I do! thanks for posting.

Fucking Machines
Jan 24, 2009

catinthehat - are you sure you are downloading the movie correctly? Be sure to right click to save link. Contact support@kink.com if you need further assistance - hope this helps ;)

Fucking Machines
Jan 23, 2009

rabies23 - if I ever shot Vendetta I would have to make her hold me up while riding the sybian!

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Jan 21, 2009

westeagle - right click or control click on the"download full movie" link and save the download. This should work, if not, please contact support@kink.com and they will walk you through.

Fucking Machines
Dec 31, 2008

happy new year all! i will look into the zip link. Cheers Tomcat

Fucking Machines
Dec 22, 2008

hey roxy - welcome to fuckingmachines! Thanks for signing up. please join me in the forums for shoot feedback and general shop talk.

Fucking Machines
Dec 21, 2008

zeta - I'll bring up your comment with IT. dumpyninny - there are more girls coming who are not blonde! Including the lovely Lavish Styles, Alicia Tease and a few other hotties I have been saving.

Fucking Machines
Dec 20, 2008

It's true - you could Bobbi in a sack and just watch her sit there and she would still be hot! This shoot is great because it's behind-the-scenes-like footage - no holds, no acting, just orgasms and real reactions from a mega-babe! And not to mention I got to fisted Bobbi Starr! Glad you like it.

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Dec 11, 2008

hiff - sounds great - currently it's me or the model that cranks the machine when they start to cum ;) bio-feedback machines have long been tossed around - like one that monitors heart rate or blood pressure so you never know!

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