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Comments made by richardk

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Feb 2, 2014

GREAT! I also join with lane 33 and powersox- more full body tickling or even a separate site would be great. Also love the kidnap/overpowering scenarios where authority figures- cops, suit-and-tie Wall Street execs, military superior officers, drill instructors, etc. get taken down and worked over and tickled like crazy.

Men On Edge
Oct 26, 2012

Dear Men On Edge/ Van Darkholme: I really love your Men On Edge site. I have been a full-fledged member in the past but now I buy the individual shoots. I have some scenarios to suggest that I think would be hot and sell well. 1. How about a scenario where the “victim” is an asshole banker in suit and tie. We’ll say the Armory/Van Darkholme has contacted a bank to obtain a loan or loan modification (which is for “improvements” to its bondage room unbeknownst to the Bank until the banker arrives at the Armory). The homophobic, arrogant banker (wearing a wedding ring) comes to the Armory and laughs in Van Darkholme’s face saying his conservative bank would NEVER make a loan to him, that all the bondage equipment is disgusting and for perverts and is even more disgusted when he learns that Van Darkholme makes “edging” videos with other MEN instead of with “babes”! Van Darkholme has either spiked the banker’s coffee and he passes out or he somehow grabs the fuming banker and ties him up suspended from the ceiling, tears off his suit and tie bit by bit, uses the wand vibrators on him and gets the straight arrow hard, etc. then cell phone videos the evidence of the humiliated banker for blackmail- Oh, and it seems the banker is ticklish especially in his upper body and pits and Van Darkholme uses that to his advantage as well. Of course the banker has to agree to the loan in the end lest his humiliation be posted to the world, his wife, and (God forbid!) to the conservative Bank which would never understand how he could have been “forced” into it since he got off from the treatment. Maybe force him out naked after his session- how will he get home to wifey or back to the Bank? 2. I think having the victim be a homophobic missionary trying to close down the Armory or an anti-gay marriage proponent would also be hot as a premise, with similar blackmail photos taken of them. 3. A straight burglar could break into the Armory and hold Van Darkhole at gunpoint for cash, again grossed out by the bondage equipment and learning of the edging that goes on there. Van kicks the gun out of his hand and holds him at the point of his own gun, maybe makes him strip off item by item at gunpoint instead of tearing the clothes off this time, makes him hand over each item of clothing then tosses it out the window or locks it in a drawer. Then the burglar has a choice- submit to Van or go to jail. He stupidly agrees to a session- how bad could it be- better than jail he reasons. He may wish he had chosen jail!

Men On Edge
Dec 13, 2002

What a beautiful performance, why oh why cant I get a DVD of it!

Fucking Machines