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Comments made by edweirdo

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Oct 13, 2013

Gummislut, someone needs to take that dick on a stick and whack you over the head with it! Seriously!!!

Everything Butt
Oct 8, 2013

That's it!!! I'm going to be reincarnated as a dildo!

Everything Butt
Oct 8, 2013

Casey Calvert and Cassandra Nix, two supremely beautiful women exploring each other's colons. I'm all eyes, ears and penis on this one! Just don't flash your rosebuds or I'm gonna report you to the butthole police! Lol!

Everything Butt
Oct 4, 2013

If a picture says a thousand words then two hundred and four pictures equals two hundred and four thousand words. Whew! Jodi Taylor, I love you, I love you, I love you!

Device Bondage
Sep 17, 2013

I'm gonna stop yodeling for a moment to give this shoot a "great" vote! Lyla Storm is just WONDERFUL!!! What I'd give to be Dana DeArmond's fist! Boy Doc Rosen, you're a tough cookie! Personally, I like my cookies soft and chewy. Anyhoo, I'd better get back to practicing my yodeling. Thanks Kink! "Yodel-oh-ee-dee, diddly-odel-oh-ee-dee, diddly-odel-oh-ee-dee!"

Everything Butt
Sep 17, 2013

I'm so happy to see the wonderful Lyla Storm again that I think I yodel. "Yo-dl-la-dee-yo-dl-la-dee-yo-dl-la-dee-hoo!"

Dungeon Sex
Aug 30, 2013

My god Chanel Preston, you look so supremely sexy and blazing hot! Those pics of you are incredible!

Whipped Ass
Aug 22, 2013

Megamusic, Claire who? The models don't get any prettier than Lyla Storm!

Aug 15, 2013

ATTENTION MEMBERS: BABE ALERT! It's the gorgeous Lily LeBeau!!!

Teach Me Fisting
Aug 10, 2013

Hey radioshack1, I haven't seen any of this shoot yet, just the trailer and you're right! Adriana is "fucking hot"! I'm gonna peruse the pictures for the moment and I'll watch the shoot later. I had a wonderful dinner tonight and Adriana looks to be the perfect yummy desert to top the evening off with. Chow!

Electro Sluts
Jul 28, 2013

Just got around to seeing this shoot and I can't count how many times I said "oh my god". Lyla Storm is so insanely hot! She seems to really enjoy anal play or she's one hell of an actress. As far as the "rosebud" scenes, MORE, MORE, MORE, PLEASE!!! I've got that flower planted all over my landscape and its beautiful. I really am puzzled though, how any of the members could give this shoot less than a "great" rating. It's passionate, extreme lesbian sex at its finest!

Everything Butt
Jul 26, 2013

How is it that I can remember my login password, but forget everything else? I tell you why; because Kink is awesome and there are three absolutely gorgeous women in this shoot! Not to mention the cool sixties euro soundtrack. Groovy babe!

Foot Worship
Jul 17, 2013

1. After a hard days work, come home, turn on iPad, and immediately go to website. 2. Click on "updates" and check out new shoots. 3. Pay particular attention to the list of performers zeroing in on any potential babes, namely CASEY CALVERT. 4. Without hesitation, log in and buy shoot. 5. Click on "77 iPad Streaming Minutes" and enjoy!

Fucking Machines
Jul 10, 2013

ATTENTION: LYLA STORM! You look absolutely ravishing!!!

Everything Butt
Jun 28, 2013

I can't think of a better way to recover, if I'm in the hospital, than the thought of gorgeous Chanel Preston as my nurse! Man oh man! I'd disconnect all the hoses, jump outta bed with a tent in my gown, and click my heels! I just gotta hope that the person sharing the room with me doesn't think I'm nuts.

Whipped Ass