hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by derekcoldrein

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Jan 11, 2013

Vicki Chase!!! oh hell yeah!!

Sex And Submission
Jan 4, 2013

oh hells yeah. I really like this indoor location shoot. softer lighting and domestic interior is REALLY nice. although the light was a little too red/warm in the first half. maybe it was the yellowish wood floor bouncing the light. anyway, bravo! great shoot!

Sex And Submission
Jan 1, 2013

goddamn! Cherry will always be my favorite. I agree with hornydevilg - throat f&&@&$ing was the best.

Sex And Submission
Nov 23, 2012

hell yeah! Cassandra's got the hottest legs on the planet. I also loved that other standing pose in Sex & Submission (I am a Sex Slave) when she was tied on the horse. fucking hot. more of her please!

Device Bondage
Oct 17, 2012

minus the porntalk, she was absolutely sexy indeed. Krissy is so hot when she cums. awesome shoot. 5 stars!!!

Fucking Machines
Sep 28, 2012

helly yeah! Katie Summers is so hot. she reminds me of that actress from 21 grams. thank you!

Device Bondage
Sep 8, 2012

yeah, the performance/acting was a little too much. too bad because is wayyy beautiful. love her nipples and pussy. such a gorgeous girl! would love to see her again but maybe more of a natural performance? I think I would love to see a more natural orgasm even if it's more quiet.

Fucking Machines
Sep 1, 2012

great shoot! and damn, her pussy looks freakin great!!! those lips and bush are to die for! love the closeup shots mixed with the wide shots too. her shaking and orgasms are so sexy!

Fucking Machines
Jul 28, 2012

oh my god. amazing orgasms, particularly her facial expressions. more Jessie please!!

Fucking Machines
Jul 25, 2012

oh my god I love her! I love when she speaks French. please have her on Device Bondage as well!

Fucking Machines
Jun 24, 2012

Jesus, that was amazing. The second scene got ridiculously exponentially hot. Out of this world. Loved that position with her hair all over her face, exposed armpits, minimal covering of her body. Amazing shoot everyone. Definitely come back soon Jay!!

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