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Comments made by Shockmaster

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Nov 24, 2012

This is the proper Justine shoot I've wanted. Ashley looks phenomenal, especially on all fours with her perfect tits swaying, and for being inexperienced I think she did really well. Speaking of experience, Lea has already come a long way, feeling much more natural and sure of herself than her previous shoot here. Chanel also did a nice job playing her part without being overbearing, and her ass looks amazing in that outfit. I love that the subs were handcuffed with their arms around each other and not allowed to kiss without permission, as well as later being bound to the same implement (the rod that electrifies their whole bodies). Often the two dom/two sub shoots feel like two separate shoots happening next to each other, but here everything flows together. Taking metal dildos while electrified was a nice change from the usual insertables, and it made a great visual since there were no wires dangling. When the wide part went into Ashley and her pussy gobbled it up I almost didn't make it any further. It happens at 43:20 and I suggest the doms take note of it and create that visual whenever possible. I want to see more of all four ladies, especially my beloved Justine. Thank you!

Electro Sluts
Nov 19, 2012

Great doesn't say enough, there needs to be a Spectacular rating for this! I'd never had an interest in TS girls until I saw pics of Tiffany Starr, and she exceeded my expectations. What chemistry with beautiful Ashlynn Leigh, who gave a world class blowjob and had some of the best orgasms I've ever seen. The rope bondage was the cherry on top. I can't say enough what a fantastic job both ladies did and how much I want to see more of them.

TS Pussy Hunters
Nov 14, 2012

Skin is definitely one of my favorites and I can't see too much of her here. Gorgeous, tough, and her moans and screams are incredibly sexy. This whole shoot is top notch, with a great balance of pain and pleasure, and a satisfying amount of sex. Gia does a nice job pushing Skin's limits, and her presence is strong but not over the top. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Thanks ladies!

Electro Sluts
Nov 10, 2012

I enjoy Tia Ling, but Felony is not to my taste at all. Her voice, demeanor and style as well as her yelling at the end made this shoot impossible to enjoy. I would rather not see her here again.

Electro Sluts
Nov 3, 2012

Jayden is very tough and beautiful to look at. It's clear she needed a bigger butt plug and that should have been taken care of. Francesca's inexperience was apparent at times but I enjoyed her. What knocks this down to Good is the harsh editing. Numerous times positions and devices are changed in the blink of an eye and it's jarring to watch. An indication of what was happening and a momentary fade to black would have been smoother. Trying to make the whole thing seem like a continuous shoot just didn't work. I enjoyed the ladies' work and want to see more Jayden.

Electro Sluts
Oct 31, 2012

Wonderful from start to finish! First, this shoot had tremendous eye candy, from Aiden's phenomenal boobs to Sovereign's towering curvy body to Katharine's sexy goth look and pierced nipples. The role play was very well done, right down to Aiden's funny overacting of the "it's alive!" line. The shoot itself was great, especially the voyeur aspect when Katharine was watching the electric strapon action. The table being illuminated was a very nice touch. Katharine's asshole looked so beautiful when the violet wand went in, and her groans of "monster fuck!" really added to it. Having one dom, one sub and one switch isn't easy but everything flowed perfectly. This is one of my favorite shoots ever and it's no surprise that Aiden led the way, yet again delivering the perfect balance of electricity and sex. Thank you so much ladies, and Happy Halloween!

Electro Sluts
Oct 29, 2012

A scene like this calls for a rating of Spectacular! Bella is the absolute most gorgeous woman I've ever seen at Kink, and Claire was in rare form, literally trying to devour her at one point. The chemistry in the exit interview was so obvious I had goosebumps ten minutes after it was over. I can't praise these women enough. As long as Bella keeps coming back my subscription will never end.

Wired Pussy
Oct 27, 2012

Aiden you are by far my favorite dom at Electrosluts. The mix of pain and pleasure makes the shoot flow and the time fly by, and I always get the level of sex I want to see. It was so cute how you almost blushed when Tegan remarked on her view of your ass during the face dildo scene. Tegan did an INCREDIBLE job. Gorgeous from head to toe, especially those big dark eyes and that smile even with the electricity turned up. An absolute pleasure to watch and I want to see her back again and again. She certainly earned that "Punish me" tattoo on her breast. Lea's accent is so hot as is she. I would definitely like to watch her gain more experience as a dom. She has a Sandra Romain vibe going and that's a very good thing. Poor Trinity ended up in the impossible position of trying to keep up with Tegan. She was uncomfortable licking the electric strapon so much and the scene should have moved on, but overall a nice job. Outstanding shoot and a high bar for future Electrosluts to clear. Thanks ladies!

Electro Sluts
Oct 19, 2012

Naidyne is beautiful and her tears on and off throughout the shoot only added to the vibe of innocence about her. I'm definitely smitten with her and the toughness she showed to keep going. I can't wait for her recent live shoot to be posted. More please!

Electro Sluts
Oct 15, 2012

About 25 minutes in Madeline said the viewers are getting hard off watching Ash suffer, but I wasn't at all. When you START with the cattle prods and use them without reason the entire effect is lost. Why obey if you get tortured to extremes anyway? Bobbi, this feels like another case of being sadistic just because you enjoy it. You fingered Ash but your expressions are completely detached from what you're doing. I want to see chemistry build between dom and sub, not someone working over whatever piece of meat happens to be walked in. This whole shoot felt very impersonal and it's staggering that there wasn't even a thought of giving these girls any orgasms for the longest time, just a prolonged torture session. I know this shoot was back in May but I hope it still serves as a blueprint of what NOT to do going forward.

Electro Sluts
Oct 13, 2012

A Kink star is born! Sovereign did a phenomenal job, and not just for a first timer. Everything about this shoot was sexy. This is exactly what I want to see more of at Electrosluts, especially the heavy dose of sex. Thanks ladies!

Electro Sluts
Oct 4, 2012

I know I'm very late reviewing this but I loved the fuck doll theme. Whoever still reads these I'd definitely like to see more shoots like this.

Wired Pussy
Oct 3, 2012

This was so hot it makes me wish there was a higher rating than Great! I've never seen Marie Luv look that beautiful and the entire shoot displayed her body perfectly. Lorelei looked SO turned on and Isis said the same in the exit interview. This is as good as it gets.

Wired Pussy
Sep 29, 2012

Annika is so gorgeous, Jessie is unbelievably tough and both have great asses. What held this shoot back was Chanel's minimal sexual involvement. Zero licking, minimal fingering, and other than very exaggerated bad porn kissing the two subs didn't go at each other either. This felt like a gay for pay shoot, and it's not the first time I've thought that about Jessie.

Electro Sluts
Sep 23, 2012

Chloe is stunning to look at, very tough and I enjoy her yelling. The lust in Madeline's eyes throughout the scene turned the heat up to 11. She is definitely one of the best doms I've ever seen. It doesn't get any better than this.

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