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Comments made by samson77

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Apr 9, 2016

With her big fucking tits and nice round juicy booty Ava is the original anal whore.

Sex And Submission
Jan 4, 2013

With her big tits, nice round juicey booty, and shaved pussy Ava could be the original whore of Babylon that we've all been warned about. And can she take punishment most bondage models would be screaming their safe word. I especially liked the oil. Ava looks like the fucking sex pig she is ready to be kane to the auction block in chains and sold a slut pig. Claire you are hands down one of the best riggers in BDSM. You are the mAin reason why I keep up my subscription to HT. Every week its anothher hot slut being dominated even in the sets where you are not the dom. I'm sure you direct them. You are totally ruthless to your slut slave whether male or female. Your pleasure cums first even if the slut has to suffer. You are un touched by their pleas for mercy. Any male who endures a session with you has more balls then I do. The thought of being trussed up naked by Clair and fucked makes my balls ache. LOL Keep up the good work and don't cut your sluts any slack. One more thing Claire you have a smoking hot body I'd like yo see you wear something sexier then ovehalls. They were okay for Matt but you are a hot sexy lady. You don't have to be naked or even topless just dressed in one of those tight laytex outfits you wore on WP or WA.

Aug 17, 2012

Lorelei has always bbeen one of my favorite models on Kink. She is a real woman with a real woman's body. Not some blonde bimbo with silicon tits. Lorelei has a nice juicey booty, a two fisted booty, beautiful facehair, and eyes, a smoking hot figuar and puss. A nicely shaved pussy with full sensual lips and a sensative clit. What man or woman wouldn't want to get their tongue, cock or strapon up Lorelei's portal to paradise, her luv tunnel. And can she take some tough bondage. Lorelei you are among the best. Great rigging as always by Claire. You are doing an awesome job. I trust in part three Lorelei will be violated in her tight ass hole as well. In recent years Lorelei hase been playing the role of a dominatrix ruling over both male and female slave sluts. Well more power to you Lorelei. But I think it essential that Lorelei be reminded on a regular basis of what she started out as. A rope slut and cock whore. You rock Lorelei!!

May 16, 2012

Welcum back to Kink Ava "fucking" Divine. With her huge tits and nice round juicey booty Ava could be the original whore of Babylon. LOL And can she suck a mean dick!!! One a scale of 1 to 10 Ava is a 10+ pluys in cock suckingt skills. A sure cure for ED. I especially enjoyed the scene where Ava is tied naked to the chair and forced to watch her beloved step daguahter gets raped by the Rev. And getting her wet pussy stimulated with a vibrator. Awesome. I remember a few years ago Matt you wanted to do a abduction scenario with Justine but were advised by the legal team at Kink not to do so. Well this is far more intense then that was. What made you change your policy?? The censors are still out there. Whether its the holier then thou sssholes on the right or the PC shitheads on the left. I imagine the uptight bitches at NOW would be appalled with Ava's actions. Both have one goal in common they want to control what adults enjoy on the web. Now understand I am totally against any sort of child porn as I know everyone at Kink is but its no body's business what I as an adult want to enjoy on the web.

Jan 6, 2012

Wow this Spanish whore probably had to spend hours confessing all her sins. She probably gave her confessor a hard on unless he prefers boys.

Public Disgrace
Dec 17, 2011

Awesome!!! I luv red heads they are some of the hottest babes around. The doggy strapon scene was fantastic. Isis you really know how to use a strapon. Mallory sufferred so well she needs to be sent over to HT for Matt to play with. Mallory reminds me a lot of another Kink model Trinity Post.

Whipped Ass
Dec 7, 2011

Awesome!!! If Carely Simon were a bondage whore she'd be Audrey. Welcum back Audrey you are one of the best.

Mar 7, 2011

Lorelei you are the BEST! I have never seen a set that included you that I didn't enjoy. Along with Isis and Princess Donna you are the greatest at strapon action. You look so sexy in a strapon its as though its becum an extension of your clit. Strapon action is more then fitting it to your hips. You need to be able to move it into , around and out of your slut's pussy and ass. And you Isis Donna are artists at that. I loved the action when you tied Kiki in a strapano and fucked her. That must have been one of the most intense strapon fuckings she's ever received and from the look of her wet pussy enjoyed. You should develope your own brand of strapons. I noticed you often use this purple strapon it must be a favorite. Kiki you are also hot hot hot. Welcum to the world of llesbian bondage. You are working with the best. I'd luv to see you perform in a FM set. Tomcat will drive you over the edge. You have an outstanding career in porn ahead of you.

Whipped Ass
Feb 28, 2011

Chloe even her name sounds sexy. She is fast becuminig one of my favorite models on Kink and a very good reason to stay a member. Chloe is so hot with her short blonde hair she reminds of Cherry Torn. Plus she really really enjoys FM. She hass a beautiful pussy shaven with full sensual lips and a sensative clit plus she get wet. What man or woman wouldn't want to get their tongue up her tunnel of luv. Please bring this hot babe back.

Fucking Machines
Feb 5, 2011

Awesome!! 5 stars and a full erection. A sure cure for ED. Its great to see these two hot bi babes back on FM. I hope to see a lot more of these babes on FM perhaps they might invite some of their friends to join in on the set. Females only of course. Its a great way for them to pay off their student loans. BTW Tomcat did you have any problems with the college administratyion when your FM crew showed up???

Fucking Machines
Feb 2, 2011

One of the great things about FM is Tomcat hooks up models that have a real chemistry for each other. It makes for more intense orgasms when both babes warm up with foreplay. Lily and Lorelei are great kisses. I give this my highest rating 5 stars and a full erection. A sure cure for ED. If a guy can't get a hard on or a woman get a wet pussy then they might as well forget about sex and enter a monestary. LOL I would not be surprised if Lily and Lorelei enjoyed a little Afternoon Delight once the set was finished.

Fucking Machines
Feb 2, 2011

Awesome!! I have never seen a woman in any other set squirt as much as Isis. It was a fountain. This is certain proof she was aroused a wet soaking pussy does not lie. Lily you were fantastic also. Keep up the great wet pussy action and I'll remain a member.

Fucking Machines
Nov 17, 2010

Matt, where do you find all these hot sluts??? Lolita is one of the hottest and she squirted on her first bondage gig. What a slut!! I have to give her credit she jumped in with both feet. Kink isn't the easiest first bondage gig. But damm it she was hot with that nice shaved pussy. Next you need to send this slut over to WP for Princess Donna, Isis, and Lorlei to play with then I suggest a stint with Fucking Machines. I'd love to see that tight little pussy violated by one of your machines. If she survives that and I'm sure she will Public Disgrace and Dex and Submission. She's got a fantastic porn career ahead o her and it all stared with Kink.

Nov 14, 2010

Cherry is hot hot hot one of the best painslus at Kink. You are very lucky to have tis slut and cock whore. That was a suspension that would hvae challenged rope slut Madison. Simply awesome. Cherry is one of the most sexy sluts at Kink. Often women with short hair tend to look masuline or butch. Not Cherry she is 100% female slave slut. She reminds me of Maya the hot lesbian you had on Kink about 4 years ago. She did some of her best work on HT with you and Sagt-Maj. I loved the way you whipped her pussy to get her warmed up. Cherry has such a nice pussy. Clean shaven with full sensual sensitive lips. What man or woman would want to get their tongue, dick or strapon up those lips of luv. She had some very intense orgasms from the vibrator. I loved the way you just left her to stew in her own pussy juices. I bet her tumnnell of luv was soaked with her joy juices. I'm surprise this whore didn't squirt. Well maybe next time.Cherry you are the best.

Nov 13, 2010

Kink Inc is a BDSM site. The models know what they are getting into and they all have a safe word. Kink Inc's rules of filming are strict. On Hogtie a few years ago Matt explained that a abduction scene with Justine Jolie could not be done as originally planned because Kink's legal people advised against it. No one is forced into these acts its all agreed upon by both sides. If you think this is extreme it isn't there are other sites out there that are far more extreme where women are bull whipped or have their pussy lips naied to a board.

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