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Comments made by project2501

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Sep 20, 2012

This was awesome. DON'T GET ME WRONG! But seriously: The idea with the MOM showing up at the frat party and then gets drunk and becomes the frat house whore!?! One word: HAAAWWWT!!!! And do it in multiple parts so that she first gets gang-banged, then they do video and black-mail her and then gang-bang her some more and then Princess Donna double-fists her and they have a golden retriever fuck and tie-her anally... Ok, that might be a lil much... Just tie her vaginally... :)

Bound Gang Bangs
Aug 1, 2003

I agree with most the posts above. I would direect my comments more to the webmasters than to the model however. The models are beautiful and at least they have given this whole thing a run through. Some girls are into it, some aren't. Further, even if a girl IS into it that doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna be squirming and screaming and falling all over the place a la Jade or Tina Toy (although I have to admit, good reactions are good reactions). With that said, my one and only valid complaint(much like the many already stated) is as follows -- you guys really need to update more. Judging by some of the statements the girls have made during interviews, I would find it very hard to believe that there is a shortage of girls out there willing to give the machines a try. Yes, I know shooting and editing and posting and coding the site and everything you do is a lot of work, but hey, no offense, that's what we pay you for. If I could log onto and see a new girl up there AT LEAST twice or three times a week I would really have no complaint at all. Log in on Monday and the new girl isn't into it so much? Don't worry, there'll be a new girl to check out in a few days. Am I some pathetic perv who takes this all too seriously? Maybe, but that's besides the point. The point IS however, I do pay for access to this site and because of the reasons I've stated, it is a move i am seriously reconsidering. With all that said I WILL tell you that when you guys are good you're real good and for that reason you're the best site on the net in my opinion. I would just hate to see this pattern continue and it all go to shit.

Fucking Machines
Jan 8, 2003

Who the hell cares about high heels...jeeez. I say let the girls wear whatever they feel most comfortable in. Jesus Christ, if that's the only thing you notice while watching these clips then you got some serious problems people.

Fucking Machines
Nov 13, 2002

I can't even count how many times these girls have made me cum...

Fucking Machines