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Comments made by vagabondx2

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Jan 14, 2011

Way to go ARIEL! You rocked her on the mat. LOVE the new format with the ref joining in. Especially when it's ISIS. It's good that the winner gets the option to include the ref or not; She's the winner she can do what ever the hell she wants.

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 8, 2011

I Love ISIS. Nobody wields a big rubber cock like she can. If I can't see Isis dominating a girl on the mat anymore I at least want to see her helping to punish the loosers. I can't imagine any of the winners would mind Isis giving a 'helping hand' ;)

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 3, 2010

LOL! Could it be that Dragon is the first woman in history to fake NOT having an orgasm??? Is hiding an orgasm on the mat cheating?

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 30, 2010

I voted Great! but that's only because Great!!!!!! wasn't an option. I'd like to see her here at least once a month. And if you can get Isis to fist her I'll buy a year pass to whipped ass! Please; MORE of This Woman!

Fucking Machines
Jul 10, 2010

"OOOOOOHHGH my fucking God(ess)!" LOL best rnd4 ever! Isis you are more beautiful every time I see you.

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 14, 2010

Um... why is there a string coming out of krissy's ass in round two?

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 10, 2009

Fisting Rawks. I've been a member here several times and it's this match that made me come back.

Ultimate Surrender