The Upper Floor Presents Cumshot Orgy with penny pax and Laela Pryce
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Dec 27, 2014

It was a total mind fuck to step into the role of a glutton for sex (I am) with no remorse... I let it all go and that's what you're seeing... Cheech and Chong couldn't write a song great enough to describe how fun that was!!! Xoxo Veronica

The Upper Floor
Dec 26, 2014

Yet again another Amazing experience I'd fucking PAY to have here at Kink! Maybe they should just cage me like the animal I am and pull me out to use me when service is needed ;))) meeeeowwww

The Upper Floor
Dec 25, 2014

Hahahahah!!! That was FUN!!! If only I could be tied up and forced to can and cum and cum more often!!!! Merry Christmas Y'all! Xo

Sep 3, 2014

Funny how people ASS ume that we didn't thoroughly enjoy ourselves and that it's all work. Yes it's a job, but I don't fake anything and I'm not here to be a Barbie doll and yes you too will get older. I'm extremely perverted and sexual and the milk enema was my idea. I've always gotten off on those scenes and never got to do one and I asked to do it. I'll never claim to be a total visual delight, but I dare say those of you that complain about my age or lack of perfection visually have never experienced the level of sexual prowess I bring into a room. Looks mean far less than energy. Yes this is a visual industry, I know I'm not ugly, I know I'm not a plastic doll either. Plastic dolls usually rely on their looks and make you do all the work, and it should never be work it should be a tantric exchange, a power exchange. This scene was real and when the cameras shut off to switch Katrina and I were often kissing and there was genuine arousal... That's how it always goes for me I make sure I'm truly connecting with my partner(s) every scene I've done at kink has been 150% genuine sexual raw energy and it's my thing. I'd rather so these scenes than the stupid romance crap, I want raw and nasty. That's what we did here. If you don't like it, move on. Some of us read your criticisms from behind the safety of your computer screens, I'd love to see the critics try to even take one of us gals on... Lol you'd pass out hah! Thanks to those of you that said nice things ;)) "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Thumper quoting his mom from Bambi Xoxoxo Veronica

Everything Butt
Jul 26, 2014

I must say, my time at Training of O was transformative, fun and probably going to be one of my favorite experiences along with Sex and Submission when I look back..... The people at Kink are so wonderful, I'm grateful for this fun, laughter filled and accepting environment. It's not always like that. James Mogul and his crew were phenomenal and I really learned something from my training. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to be here... I hope those of you that watch this will enjoy as well!!! MUAH Veronica

The Training Of O
Jun 22, 2014

I had a super fun time on this shoot!!! As far as my implants... They are 10 years old and I wish everyone would just leave me alone and stop bitching about them, see me for me, for my joy and enthusiasm in submission and sex... I'm 41, I feel pretty good about how I look at my age after having kids. So please, enjoy my work and stop complaining about my implants. Other than that, this is pretty much my new favorite scene ever and I think Isis and Dane did a Beautiful job Domming me ;))) xoxoxoxo

Sex And Submission
Jun 13, 2014

Now that's what I'd call a JUICY cunt!!!! So much fun to shoot this series! Thanks for having me at Training of O!!!!! xoxoxo

The Training Of O
Jun 13, 2014

And THAT's what you call a JUICY cunt lol!!!! I had the best time shooting this series!!! So FUN! Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for having me at Traning of O! xoxoxoxo

The Training Of O
Jan 9, 2014

Can kitty just go back in that cage until wanted for use again Sirs? ;))) if i had only one site in the world that i was allowed to shoot for, out of them all i would choose this one. This is the unfiltered real me, this is what i am like in private when i get to play the way i crave playing. This isn't work, shooting for S&S is totally fun, cathartic and like a vacation for me!!!! All i want is to play good kitty allll the time and be useful for His/Her pleasure ;)) Thanks so much Sir Marty for having me back!!! And thanks to those of You that have requested me to cum back!!! Already hungry for more... Love, naughty kitty

Sex And Submission
Aug 2, 2013

Heheheheh! That was FUN!!!! I'm dying for more!!! OMG.... Such a beautiful escape for me... This is how I like to play in my private life... Don't get into subspace often enough, I must say, these opportunities to play on film and show who I Really Am are just a joy for me!!! Hope everyone enjoys!!!! Xoxoxoxo

Sex And Submission
Mar 8, 2013

Hello guys and dolls!!! I must admit, I had a total blast on this one but was honestly not feeling my best that day, that's why I didn't squirt as much, I'm just as human as the next person and sometimes my body isn't ready for hard dildos, most of the time it is, but sometimes I'm sore from all the sex I have and machines aren't the same as real cocks. I never fake it and if I'm not squirting everywhere it doesn't mean I'm not cumming- my pussy pulses and when it pushes out, that's when I'm cumming, whether you see fluid or not- just a heads up... I get fucked so often (YAYYY!) that some days I'm just sore- makes sense doesnt if? Lol!!! Hope you guys enjoy though- hope they have me back for a total squirt fest soon!!! And some anal too! Had an anal scene for S&SUBMISSION the next day so I just couldn't pull it off 2 days in a row, the anal diet pretty much consists of air and water lol so I have to conserve my energy and not wear myself out... I'd love to do the double pen dildos next time as I LOVE my slutty holes being filled and pounded!!! Hee Hee!!! Love y'all! Xoxo Naughty Slut Veronica

Fucking Machines
Mar 4, 2013

Master8750 Dear Sir, i think Your idea about a training of Veronica (me) series is a Lovely idea! hopefully Kink will go for Your propsal! xoxo Veronica Avluv

Sex And Submission
Mar 1, 2013

Hahahah!!!! Fuck YEAHHHHH!!!! That was sooooo much fun! I want more more more!!! I hope you all enjoy it! It was kinda cool to actually have my cunt skills showcased for once! That thing has a mind of its own I tell ya, love my holes, they bring me and many so much pleasure!!! True Slut... Xoxoxox

Sex And Submission