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Mar 26, 2015

Awesome scene and shoot. I liked the creative way of tie with plastic wrap,which seams less bondage. The best in Electrosluts I have ever seen. Thank you for the creative shoot.

Electro Sluts
Mar 23, 2015

I like the idea of having a bare copper wire honking a big breast.I would be grateful more of these breast scene to be performed. I also appreciate simpler shoots that one can dream to performed at home with an approving partner.

Wired Pussy
Mar 11, 2015

Good try and very creative. Thank you shooting team & background staff,Kristina.

Fucking Machines
Mar 10, 2015

This shoot is still the best. Please bring her back. I like both the shooting scene and Breanne. Awesome

Fucking Machines
Mar 7, 2015

Creamy pussy and nice breast.

Fucking Machines
Mar 3, 2015

Me too I love tits suckers.Why are they no more used recent shoots?I also want to know if milking is legal?

Fucking Machines
Oct 19, 2014

Beautiful model & good shooting idea except the clothpins (zippers) spoils the whole shoots. I would like to see her with another girl doing a breast massage. I wish devicebondage would be more simple in the future so that I can dream peerforming it with the next door girl.

Device Bondage
Oct 9, 2014

I agree with mercury7. I would like to know if milk bondage is legal and if it is possible to be performed with someone who is already breastfeeding a child. It would be nice to break the milk taboo once.

Device Bondage
Oct 1, 2014

Am first!youyou, It look like I will like it.

Fucking Machines
Sep 16, 2014

Nice fleshy round tits.I want more Ruby shoot in the future. And Ruby has among the most perfect breast in the world. I would die to get a wife having such a pair of boobies.

Fucking Machines
Sep 9, 2014

The tits suckers were far too small to swalow the whole breast.

Fucking Machines
Sep 6, 2014

I am not a fan of anal at all.In the future I would like anal and non-anal to be in separate clip.I would like to see Katja awesome tits being machined and bouncing around.

Fucking Machines
Sep 3, 2014

I regret the tits suckers were too small. A better device should be invented to handle such beautiful pair of breast.

Fucking Machines
Mar 24, 2014

Uncommon scene with this over-makeup. This performer reminds me of my mum,when she was younger. I would like to see how my mum would manage with this goat milkers on her round 36C breast. The average was nice.

Fucking Machines
Mar 22, 2014

Well said radioshack1. I love tits,breast and boobs. More machines should be dedicated for them.

Fucking Machines