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Comments made by Rimgasm

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Jul 2, 2013

Tomcat - I can see mortiis' point as well as "some" of the less than positive reviews, but when you are able to capture every intense pulse of honest-to-goodness REAL orgasms, that is absolutely always phenomenal. Above all else (even fervent anal & squirting, which I categorically love to view) very little in this universe is as wondrous and compares to the female orgasm. BTW, that is what makes "genuine" squirting so awesome; its an orgasm so powerfully forceful that it compels a woman to ejaculate (if they release control of their body). But you already knew that ;-) Now, when you capture veritable squirting anal orgasms (as I've seen Kelly do before on Kink), that is Pure Bliss wrapped in Wondrously Phenomenal to behold. (*)

Fucking Machines
Jun 27, 2013

Nice looking girl, but her looks don't seem to match the performance. Nothing new & no anal (at the very least that would have saved the show).

Fucking Machines
Jun 12, 2013

There's a place in heaven for girls like Holly because she sure as hell brings a little piece of Utopia to all of us with her enthralling performance. Damn is she a trooper who's talent & expertise makes what she does look easy. Dare I say she can give Amy a run that will make all anal queens chartreuse with envy? Holly is stunningly rapturous and if I may, borrow her own words from this session... Don't Stop! Please keep going and reward all us loyalists with more of this luscious Xanthippe. Amen!

Fucking Machines
Apr 11, 2013

Just when you think you're in a groove and peaking with electrifying visual stimulation, the folks at Kink take it up a few notches and redefine amazing. That is what makes Kink the masters of all they survey and when they bring us someone the likes of Chastity Lynn you know their turning the wheels of innovation faster to keep us glued to their site. Chastity Lynn and Kink were made for each other and go together like champagne and grilled lobster, or even peanut butter & jelly. Chastity Lynn is the perfect bendy, bold and adventurous temptress who is willing to try anything and scream "don't stop there, gimme some more!" There�s a place in heaven for girls who love anal as much as Chastity. Watching her reach her climax and spasm with satisfaction is a trip to Shangri-la. The folks at Kink should just move her into the armory because Chastity Lynn belongs nowhere else. Please keep her close so you can give us more.

Fucking Machines
Apr 10, 2013

Phoenix Marie is definitely an anal queen, but Amy Brooke rises to the level of goddess. Damn she has a perfect ass built for battle and serious action. To add to her gifts and talents she also has a beautifully shaped star-slammer that performs nicely. That alone earns her the high praise she well deserves, but no, she takes things to unparallelled heights by squirting with her trademark energized jet stream. There can't be enough praise bestowed on Amy. She loves what she does and the fervor she exhibits is not easily rivaled, not to mention she looks damn good doing it. The only demerit she could ever bring upon herself is to go brunette. She is light years finer as a blonde as it greatly softens her appearance and highlights her girlish looks; a quality that makes her oh sooooo sinful. Amy Brooke easily garners two thumbs up and ten curled toes when she is allowed to do the voodoo she does so well. Who could argue with all that? She is a keeper who ranks among the absolute best (certainly among the top 10 Kink has offered thus far). Bless her edacious soul. )*(

Fucking Machines
Mar 21, 2013

Next time you have Nikita visiting, Lock the doors and put on your raincoats because this fireball of French lava should never be permitted to leave your sight again. I believe she'll actually like that as long as the machines are with her. It strongly appears that the French girls are real naturals for serious anal action and that only serves to elevate their attraction. The single frailty observed was that she only squirted on demand (or request); some would find that optimal, but it severely detracts from the spontaneity and allure of the whole performance. Don't get me wrong, she was damn good, but involuntary, uncontrolled and abundant female ejaculation is the pinnacle of titillation, self-indulgence and viewing pleasure. The only thing Nikita could do to top her debut is to perform a little more hardcore anal and squirt in the process of hammering it out. Rousing applause to Kink for bringing us yet another winner. Where on this planet do you unearth these gems?

Fucking Machines
Mar 13, 2013

I just want to send out some huge and appreciative thanks to Veronica for taking the time to respond to the endless fans on this most electrifying and entertaining site. Yes Veronica, I, for one, surely believe you had some intense orgasms in this shoot; I dated an insatiable squiter many years ago and she made the energizer bunny look like a comatose and catatonic sloth with a garden hose. That pulsing and powerful pushing down below was like an impending earthquake and oil derrick about to blow. That's how I could always tell the dam was ready to burst. Focused and consistent rhythm was always crucial at that point. I will never presume to know how that feels to a woman, but for me, its the absolute pinnacle of sexual power and energy and experiencing that I had a hand (or mouth) in building it up is more satisfying than any orgasm I could ever hope to achieve for myself. It was the perfect storm of raw and incendiary sexual interaction as I live to give and she was literally addicted to receiving. A generous & robust squirt is infinitely better than the jackpot that pays-off for diligently dedicating the time and capital to feeding the slot machine. So I have the highest respect and praise for the truest and most passionate squirters of the fairer sex. I know it can sometimes be difficult and draining (no pun intended), but relinquishing every essence of control and giving all of yourself to the pleasure can often be enough to mutually satiate. Watching you work and revel in pleasure is living artistry in action. Please come back again (and again). I wish that there was such innovative, expansive and forward thinkers stimulating us when I was working in the industry. Kink is constantly evolving and exploring new ways to rock our divergent and more salacious sides. Keep it up and you will soon have the monopoly on this level captivating sin.

Fucking Machines
Mar 6, 2013

Veronica is most certainly a MILF extraordinaire and deserves all the accolades befitting her stature. She is one steaming kettle of pure lust and she absolutely hit the mark with the 40's/50's hot housewife look. All that being said, I am surprised she did not wet the entire set with her usual "fluid" excitement and shower us with her out-pour of orgasmic pleasures. Veronica can usually hold her own against all the best squirters in the biz, but she didn't deliver anywhere near enough of the unhindered juice in this shoot. Regardless, Veronica still inspired a level of horny energy that made it very difficult to sit still.

Fucking Machines