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Comments made by masterdr69

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Dec 2, 2010

Nice shoot but I really think it's time you consider changing the name of the site to wired ass.

Wired Pussy
Mar 27, 2009

WOW, what can I say Vai just does it for me. She could be my live in shock slave any day.

Wired Pussy
Aug 24, 2007

No disrespect to the models but you were certianly out to lunch on this shoot. Come on guys, the name of the site is wired pussy. Save the other crap for sites that cater to it. Heck there were only a handful of pussy shots and I don't think any of them were wired. The quality of this site has dwindled over the past year. STAY ON TOPIC please. This whole shoot belonged on one of your other sites

Wired Pussy
Mar 3, 2006

WOW what an opera singer and such a wonderful O face to boot. How could you ask for more, extremely beautiful, a great body, loves sex and likes to experiment. I think I'm in love. Where can I find a girl like this. Bobbi if you ever want someone to practice your skills and develope new ones with just give me a yell

Fucking Machines
Feb 21, 2005

The quality of the wmv's is pretty bad.

Wired Pussy
Dec 15, 2003

How sexy can you get. Wish she was my girlfriend.

Fucking Machines