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Comments made by ertgbvcd

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Jun 7, 2016

Nice butts. Why fill them with snot? I deleted the mess.

Everything Butt
May 24, 2016

Congratulations, you finally got some light on the subject instead of leaving the inside of her ass up to our imagination. The one scene I sampled in chapter 3 was the most amazing butt view I ever saw anywhere. You are the first to accomplish this.

Everything Butt
Mar 29, 2016

Fire the dope on the video camera and find someone who can get proper lighting for the speculum shots. A big black censor spot on her asshole doesn't work, as anyone can see.

Everything Butt
Mar 15, 2016

These are great. Nice butts.

Everything Butt
Feb 16, 2016

Don't bother with the dark hole speculum shots until you come up with some bounce lights to illuminate the interior. A waste of the young lady's time and talent.

Everything Butt
Feb 12, 2016

Guys jacking off and getting blow jobs. An insult to heterosexual subscribers.

The Upper Floor
Apr 14, 2015

This is only a minor point, but spike heels aren't allowed in a gym with rubber floors.

Everything Butt
Mar 17, 2015

Small sensual tits are a turn-on.

Everything Butt
Feb 17, 2015

I'm always happy to see Dana's back...side.

Everything Butt
Feb 3, 2015

Gotta love it. How many doctors are going to sign up for this one?

Everything Butt
Jan 20, 2015

Great. I'd like to see that body with pubic hair.

Everything Butt
Dec 30, 2014

Let me be the first to say that I love anal MILFs. Thank you, ladies.

Everything Butt
Dec 16, 2014

Beautiful shoot. Thanks, ladies.

Everything Butt
Dec 15, 2014

I didn't even look at this hodgepodge of activity I'm not the least bit interested in. I wanted to ask if you could refrain from filming the male actors jacking off as on other episodes of this site. Is it too late for this week? The most laughable thing in porn is a guy jacking off in front of a beautiful tied up lady. I think Jimmy Dean started the fad. What are you thinking? Do you look at the end result? Read and delete, but pay attedtion.

The Training Of O
Dec 9, 2014

Wow!You have it down like no other site for those who like the female butt.

Everything Butt