Sadistic Rope - Fisting #7
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Aug 9, 2009

I always wonder after a woman gets done doing this site; how the heck are we guys going to compete with that!!! (valentijn)........ T.M.I.!!! (gingerlee)........ Give Ramond1 a break he is 300lbs, 40 years old, and living in his mothers basement watching porn. His only job is criticizing this site.

Fucking Machines
Jul 26, 2009

Johnjmk and sorrowsrevolver, you said exactly what I find myself thinking while watching some of the scenes. I think the reason we like it so much is that we know the gals on this site are not faking it.

Fucking Machines
Jul 17, 2009

She is like the hot chick you hope moves in next door, and is always needing to borrow stuff. i.e. sugar, eggbeater, lawnmower. "Hi. My name is Ariel, I,m sorry to bother you, but can you come over and look at my pipes"!!! Looks a little like a younger Susan Sarandon.

Fucking Machines
Jul 8, 2009

First!!! Fucking machines is the greatest site on the web!

Fucking Machines
Jun 15, 2009

Hey Professor Raymond1, Spell check! Love the LIGHTING on the last few shoots Tomcat.

Fucking Machines
Apr 27, 2009

Love the BRIGHT LIGHTING Tomcat! Now I can remove my coal miners cap.

Fucking Machines
Apr 11, 2009

If I have to buy stage lighting and bring them over there myself I will!!! I'm sitting here in front of the computer wearing my mining helmet! It's like a freakin cave over there.

Fucking Machines
Mar 30, 2009

I wish you guys would loose the dark and dreary dungeon theme and turn on some dang lights!!! I can't see half of the shoot. You guys do awsome work and I can't see it. Tomcat you are back on the SALLY list!

Fucking Machines
Mar 11, 2009

This is why I keep my subscription to this wonderful site. Nice work. Could you guys use a little brighter lights on the set, it was dim on my end. You are off the SALLY list TomCat!!!

Fucking Machines
Dec 3, 2008

Tomcat quit worring about getting the camera wet and get in there for some close ups you big sally!

Fucking Machines