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Fucking Machines - She Comes in Pretty, Leaves Fucked Out. New HD Update Every Wednesday plus Live Shows and Bonus Shoots.

Comments made by HOLOPHE

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Jul 5, 2010

Amazing, but you has missed a important point in this set: yuo should have using the cup set not only on her beautiful tits and breast but also in her pussy!!! more excitement... more beautiful scream and more beautiful pics with swollen pussy! very good set but Maggie is one of the best!

Device Bondage
Jul 5, 2010

Fantastic but i don't understand you don't use pussy pump like favorite sextoys to arouse the models in this site... before pénetration and others sextoys... il will be a excellent idea no?

Device Bondage
Jun 1, 2010

Why don't you use a pussy pump in device bondage ? it should be very amazing to see the pussy of your models arouse by pussy pump totally helpless...

Device Bondage
May 29, 2010

Why hadn't you use a pusssy pump in this beautiful position in order to arousal more intensively her pussy before using the Magic wand and penetrate her ass????

Device Bondage
May 14, 2010

the scene with pussy pump arousal the pussy before the use of Magic wand and fuck action is very good. The scene should be better on this scenario if the arousal with pussy pump is more strong to obtain a swollen pussy with maximum effect! Please more pics with pussy pump before magic wand and ( or ) eroscillator

Sex And Submission
May 7, 2010

Amazing! Just a suggestion to improve the scene 4; Use a pussy pump before the Magic wand and the fuck!

Public Disgrace
Mar 28, 2010

I would like to see sasha trained with pussy pump and when her pussy will be swollen by the pumping, works her pussy with the magic wand on the order of her master...

The Training Of O
Feb 7, 2010

More pics please.....

The Upper Floor
Jan 30, 2010

The set is very good and I like the scene with plug fitted with pony tail in Sharon's ass and penetrated in the same time by Cherry! Just still the same problem: the quality of the pics is totally abnormal... I think you have the technical mean to give us pics with bettre quality ( it's a pity to have amazing models and scenario and don't reproduce this quality in the pics

The Upper Floor
Jan 28, 2010

amazing set and the quality o pics are better ( thanks Peter!). I like the plug fitted with ponytail ... I would like to see that more often : why don't demand that cherry Torn wears this toy when she is in duty ? I like the fact taht Cherry Torn wears black stockings, suspender belt, leather collar and leather armlet and anklet... why Sarah Shevon don't wear systématicly this code dress? I propose to generalize this code dress for all the models.... thanks for this beautiful update!

The Upper Floor
Jan 24, 2010

I love the pics with plug fitted with pony tail! Please, introduce a model wearing this toy in a public party and let us discover this when the model will be undressed by a master!

The Upper Floor
Jan 24, 2010

Quality of the resolution of the pics of this set is absolutely wothless of! What a mess!

The Upper Floor
Dec 21, 2009

i would like to see Sienna with her plug in her ass and her clit worked by an eroscillator!

Sep 22, 2009

the set 3 "Knees" would be better if you have forced Marie to wear a n'joytoy plug in metal ( as Nicotine with Maitress Madeline in in her tighty ass during aiden plays with her pussy! Please more pics with this very photogenic toy!

Whipped Ass
Aug 10, 2009

The differents positions are absolutely amazing! One of the best sets and..... Models!

Fucking Machines