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Comments made by trainer

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May 11, 2005

A vibrating mouth gag???? Choke collar???? Lame spanker???? This site used to be about women enjoying themselves and now it has devolved into a humiliation site. Can these scenes/ideas have POSSIBLY been ones that the woman suggested as something she'd like to try?? Not likely. "Okay, as long as you're paying me." was more likely the case. I can imagine the interview ... "Oh yes, the hottest part was when you shoved that thing in my mouth and strapped it to my head. That really got me oaf, uh, sorry, off. I meant off. I was having a hard time reading the cue card. Excuse me, but would it be possible to try using these machines in ways that I'D actually find exciting? You'd get a chance to see me really enjoy myself, you know. No? Well, I thought I'd at least suggest it." This stuff reminds me of a night club where the DJ only plays the stuff he likes, not what gets the crowd dancing.

Fucking Machines
Apr 28, 2005

I agree with everyone but shitbox2. If I wanted bondage I'd join one of those sites. Who the fuck gets off on a woman blowing a dildo?? Spitting? Please. What a turn-off.

Fucking Machines
Apr 23, 2005

don't get me wrong, she obviously likes to look slutty, which a lot of guys like. But personally I like it best when you can tell that a woman is really having an orgasm. Unless I missed something, this was only a series of "ooh, oh, oh"s and we knew it was finished for her(?) when the machine slowed down. Too bad - pretty girl, doesn't look like she enjoyed the machines - just picking up a paycheck.

Fucking Machines
Aug 12, 2002

the best i have ever seen.especially the anal!would love to see more penetration training / discipline. trainer

Aug 6, 2002

wounderful slave. keep up the great job! bondage and pluggings go great together. trainer

Sep 3, 2002

a ponytail buttplug inserted and she is ready to be trained as a ponygirl trainer

Aug 17, 2002

cowgirl makes a lovely ponygirl but she needs to plugged with a ponytail ,wear bells on nipple clamps,and be whipped harder. thanks trainer

Aug 4, 2002

would love to see cowgirl have a ponytail butt plug inserted and pull her master around. she is fabulois! thanks trainer wahoofan