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Comments made by without2arms

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Dec 31, 2011

What a great scene. Very realistic role play. Love the way Bobbi Starr did Anjanette 's fantasies. The spread eagle was perfect. I am jealous. Do me!!!! This was a very playful scene and i love the way Bobbi really get into her head. I feel Anjanette. has a future here. Let me not forget about Asphxia---what a beautiful beguiling domme. She is so quietly seductive ans d works well with Bobbi. I would be so confused in this situation. Overwhelmed. The dark hair. The stockings. The fist and didoes. Really very good: I love to hear how I should beg for it!!!!! Like boot camp: i can't hear you. the scream of joy!!!! I rarely say anything so this really did it for me.

Whipped Ass
Jul 15, 2011

this was a great set and domme scene. In fact it was a demo to learn how to dominate or be submissive. All you oscars--would you love to be candy in Isis's hands. take a walk on the red carpet guys--while being collared by issis. I would love to be tie to Candy and receive the same treatment here.

Whipped Ass
May 20, 2011

the set was fantastic and i would like the both to do it again,just to see boobbi give felony another session. felony is so sexy squirting: did she know she was such a squirter before or after being submissive. or did she privately fuck someone from kink and said "hey, we goota to get you on whipped ass. I'm a big fan of Bobbi star anyway and would love to personnally lay myself on her or she does me so...I would love to see themagain and bobbi to doo a another star name Maxx, a beautiful asian chick as a domme.

Whipped Ass
Sep 28, 2010

I ahd a chance to see Aiden when She was in NY this past summer but it was difficult to get around so I fail to make the appointment during the very few days She was here. Aiden is great: She is a fellow Scorpian and a real New Yoirker. And for crying out loud! Who does't get weak with a real Red-Head,I mean, C'mon a red head always does it for me. My greatest wish is to have a hot date with a red-head. Great Shot! Great direction! Such steaming Love,baby.

Whipped Ass
Jan 20, 2010

Ariel x is just fantastic and if i had arms i would love to do her right. Does she have any pity on a poor disabled guy! Wow!! It would be very obscene to tell you what i would do but that is like kiss and tell and I'm not that type of guy. wow! She is in heat,man, and really I bought alot of her films from Triangle films( yea, I know your competitor) and this was such a Happy New Year BON-US. THANK YOU ALL @ KINK.COM THANK YOU. And Happy New Year!

Kink Live
Jan 3, 2010

I think Ivy has great potential and would like to see her with Isis love. She will expand her horizons. Hogtie and me would be the next step up.

Fucking Machines
Jul 16, 2008

Any film Sandra is in is done very good. Perfect! and Angelina and sandra work well together ;I wpould love to see them together again. In fact, call me up and if i'm not good-looking enough for the shoot let me watch: start a costumer sweepstake, play until the lucky guy get to see it all, be in the room while shooting. Winner get to be with Sandra!!

Whipped Ass
Jul 10, 2008

I'm the same way as Britney in session: I get comfortable and familiar with the Mistress and i even discover there real name and call out to them by there name during session. OOOO! These guys are a great team and should continue to be together. I would like to see how they do some of the bondgage and how this interactions comes about

Whipped Ass