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Comments made by middle_path

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Jan 19, 2009

Just as an addendum, I'm adding a "Great!" to the list for the videos, themselves. The previous "Below Average" was in regard to the safety of the model during the hook shoot.

Sex And Submission
Jan 19, 2009

*Absolutely* perfect body. . . The scenes were great, and the videos well shot. . . I didn't like the forceps, but that's just me. That said, the hook was not only in a bad position that looked uncomfortable, but it was dangerous. The idea behind the tail hook is NOT to cause pain or to endanger the life of the model. The rectum is some of the softest tissue in the human body and tear easily, and it does NOT flow up the back, or anywhere near the position that the hook was pointed after insertion. Not only that, but the dangerous hook, and the head harness were the only thing keeping her from tumbling off the bed?!? Maybe you could just put a shotgun in the model's mouth next time. I love the bondage that I find on this site because there's no chance that the model's lives are ACTUALLY in danger. Even with Water Bondage there were all kinds of safeguards. Not so in this case. I don't blame the male model, but foul on whomever was supervising and allowed that to continue. I have serious doubts that Peter would have, had he been in the room.

Sex And Submission
Dec 19, 2008

OUTSTANDING!! Bobbi, you're gorgeous and did a 5-star job! That said, Tomcat, Ma'am, you are awesome!! I do believe that this is absolutely my favorite video of all time. Srsly. Wow, this is less a 'reality' video, and more of a 'how-to be nice to, and SATISFY a lady in this situation. . . Prolly won't satisfy the true pervs, but I am a happy man!! Keep up the excellent work! = )

Kink Raw Test Shoots
Sep 8, 2008

Aside from the gorgeous right shoulder, and the hummingbird (?)there are some definite decision making issues revolving around tattoos. Aside form that, umm, can I get a GOD DAMN BROTHERS?!? Stacy you are absolutely my favorite model, to date. Your body is absolutely PERFECT, and so are your reactions to the gear. Wooooooooooow. Many thanks for the shoot!! (P.S., make them give you a raise after this one. . . Please do more!!)

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