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Comments made by doubledown

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Nov 29, 2012

These girls are beautiful and hot! Cytherea is so sexy half dressed, wet, and cum stained! Love you!

Fucking Machines
Sep 17, 2012

Cytherea is my girlfriend, Riley is my sweetheart, but Dylan can fuck like no one else! What a woman, wow! This take is awesome, she fucks, cums, and squirts off the chart. Fine filmin, fine woman, what an incredible fuck!

Fucking Machines
Aug 29, 2012

OK, I now officially have a new girl friend - Cytherea the Fucking Amazing! This is so hot, so good, so incredibly sexy. Cytherea, you are the one. You cum so beautifully in this take, OMG! You are beautiful!

Fucking Machines
Jul 29, 2012

What an incredible shoot! This little slut cums like nobody else - I wet me pants watching her.

Fucking Machines
Apr 10, 2012

Tomcat, several of Riley's posts want the same thing - those smokin' hot wet panties. My $100 offer stands for opening bids - put Riley on live site, let her wet her panties like this shoot and let the bidding begin! We can all have a good time, and maybe she gets some college money:)

Fucking Machines
Apr 2, 2012

Ah Riley, what a sweet little slut you are! You are one of my absolute favorites! Awesome squirt scene just let it cum. I will always be looking for your shoots.

Fucking Machines
Mar 16, 2012

Now I find Brett to be incredibly HOT. This girl can organsm over and over and over - and that drives me wild. I can watch her all day long! Beautiful, nasty, hot, and very orgasmic. And I like her thought, sex under 18 doesn't count and banging while drive is awesome - blow job first. Hey, I have a BMW I would love to take her for a ride in :) !

Fucking Machines
Mar 7, 2012

What a gorgeous young slut! She cums beautifully, love the new machine and the way she works it.

Fucking Machines
Jan 18, 2012

What a sweet sweet girl, awesome shoot! I would give a hundred dollars for her panties in this shoot.

Fucking Machines
Jun 24, 2006

Oh my fucking god! I've never posted a comment before but this one deserves some props. Holly was absolutely amazing from the beating Chris gave her to the bucking up and down while suspended. This was the best scene you guys have ever done. When I first joined I was not a fan of Chris but he's grown on me to the point that he is one of my favorite doms now. On top of all that I just noticed their is a bonus update. Thanks so much for this scene, it was top notch.

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