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Comments made by R1YAM

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Aug 23, 2015

Daisy is a gem she is skilled strong beautiful and has a great personality in this match all though she lost she showed us why she is a rookie champion and how lucky we are to have her grace the U/S mat, Isamar is in great shape and a real contender for the S/V crown the score reflected how hard fought the match was but the match itself showed that all three ladies out there enjoyed four rounds of girl/girl wrestling and action thanks to al three jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 16, 2015

A very entertaining match by two very entertaining ladies but also very skilled. If there was a advantage for one there was also one for her opponent, Penny had a size advantage but it was countered by Savannas speed and agility. This match was by far Savannas best so far as Penny has been in and beaten some very good opponents having the speed and skill to escape the legs gave Savanna the chance of winning which she just grasped Thank you both for a fantastic four rounds of entertainment U/S at it very best jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 9, 2015

The SV is moving towards the finals and the wrestling is getting more intense these two young ladies proved that it was a very competitive match with two very powerful wrestlers Lisa has had a fantastic season but we cant forget Yasmine as a rookie had one to and has experience to back up her strength one great outcome was bar for a broken nail both ladies were uninjured at the end thanks to Ariel any one who thinks this is uncompetitive wrestling on this site needs to look at this match thank you both jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 6, 2015

All five ladies played there part in a very competitive high energy match some great tactics and some errors decided the outcome many thanks to all who made this happen jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 1, 2015

A great match two of U/S best loved ladies both experienced both beautiful Wenona has a way of making every match a sensual one win or lose Bella is looking fitter than ever I enjoyed every minute of every round thanks to all three out there on the mat for a feast of female beauty jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 25, 2015

Two great wrestlers two great friends one fantastic match both these young ladies are gems. Both have had a great season Mona has become a force to be reckoned with Daisy has always been a very skilled and fit wrestler great competitive match loved every minute of every round thanks to all three out there on the mat as for the first comment who ever the OTHER wrestler is I am sure she does not miss your comments or ratings one bit jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 18, 2015

A great match between two super young ladies Savannah and Jayogen were very well matched in every way. Savannah is growing more skilled and confident with each match again a safe competitive match thanks toall thee out there on the mat jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 11, 2015

A lot of energy passion and determination by two beautiful women made this a fantastic match Lea was as always divine she did not have an answer for Lisa the strength and size were to much , But a great win for Lisa she really is improving with every match thanks to all three ladies out there for a hard fought match but a safe one jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 7, 2015

I feel that its a bit harsh on Pink its her second match she is in with a very experienced veT , if Pink was mentally weak she would not be on the mat vet alone back for a second match. What happened here was panick and over exurstion in try to get out of a hold when all she needed to do is comunicate with Wenona. If she was feeling panick with regards to breathing then a simple lessen would have stopped all the panick its for Pink to leatrn but it will take more than two matches jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 5, 2015

No one expects a rookie to win against a vet Wenona is a very tough opponent and I am sure could have been tougher Pink gave it all she had and thats all we ask the control Wenona had and the way she could stay low and pin her down made Pinks task not only exhausting but near imposible jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 4, 2015

Pink should not feel to bad about this Wenona has a lot more experience and is one of the strongest and most flexible wrestlers at U/S her matches can be a bit unpredictable but she has all theweapons needed to take on the best why she is so far down the rankings is a mystery. Pink had a tough lesson but i hope she returns she is a fantastic young lady thank you both jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 2, 2015

Two teams of fantastic ladies made this a close energetic match. All played a part in this both Mona and Angel taking on the more experienced wrestlers and both team captains looking gorgeous so a great match a safe match thanks to all who made this happen jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 28, 2015

Two super ladies just got the S/V of to a great start Angel is a very good rookie so this made Monas victory that much harder and special, it has been fantastic to see just like Lyla Mona gain in confidence and skill those legs are now winning her matches thank you both jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 24, 2015

Three beautiful women all played a part in a shoot that had a bit of everything. Beautiful women come in all shapes and ages each of these ladies we are very lucky to have on this site thanks to all three loved every minute of it jh/uk

Everything Butt
Jun 20, 2015

A fantastic match two fantastic wrestlers intense competitive fun wrestling just add a fantastic ref U/S at its very best thanks to all three well done Penny Lisa is a tough young lady jh/uk

Ultimate Surrender