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Comments made by baddog49

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Dec 28, 2010

The girls get a "Great" from me, but the editing seemed haphazard, probably due to the Holidays when everyone wants to go home early. As far as osql8me is concerned, he should know that most people outgrow that behavior in Junior High School. Everybody knows the emotional bully, from their school yard days. You know, the guy who laughs at Down Syndrome victims, and calls them "tards," or makes tunafish jokes about girls, even though they've never been close enough to really know. The pity is, they are usually people of intelligence and physically attractive, who like to inflict emotional pain, probably ironically due to low self-esteem. In other words, Daddy was an Asshole and never gave them positive feedback. Well, osql8me, I've got a message from Daddy: osculate my O ring!

Fucking Machines