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Comments made by vagrant

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Mar 2, 2011

Was going to post something about how cute Chloe is, until i read all previous comments. Ah, heck, I'll do it anyway. Chloe is one of those girls that you just want to hug and laugh with during her post-orgasm come-downs. <3

Device Bondage
Mar 2, 2011

Fantastic shoot. Ruby is one of my favourites, along with Rain Degrey! More tattooed girls! My only concern is that there seesms to be less and less good ole' groping and caressing. Would love to see Rubys beautiful breasts squeezed!

Device Bondage
Jan 17, 2011

Beautiful, just beautiful. That milky white skin shines of innocense, while the tattoos say differently. There's not enough tattoo'd girls on this site! We need more! (Fun fact, at around 26:20 Ruby sounds a bit like Mickey Mouse :D )

Device Bondage
Aug 24, 2010

"...I guess that's not blue..." Oh my god, you are so CUTE :D After I finished watching your post-interview, I caught myself with aching cheeks from smiling during the entire thing. We wants moar Rain! :D

Jan 29, 2010

I wonder if a webmaster or maybe, hopefully, Rain herself reads these posts.. Why don't the webmasters want to shoot her cause of her tattoo? Like, it's awesome! Sure, some people get turned off by tattoos, but thats like saying "i won't shoot you cause you don't have a triple F++ cup, cause some people don't like anything smaller". I've seen all your shoots Rain, and you're definately one of my favorite models of all times, in the top with princess donna and Chanta Rose!

Device Bondage
Sep 30, 2009

This movie makes me sad. Charley, you make me sad.. Even if I had one of my best possible days ever, I would not be able to satisfy this demi-godess of a woman.. Only complaint I have is that we didn't get to see her breasts get sucked into the cups, and that we didn't get a shot of your beautiful butt in your jeans.. But hot damn, Charleys the most gorgeus actor has seen since Chanta Rose.

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