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Comments made by boodaman

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Jul 13, 2005

Why are all the clips and movies screwed up? The quality is all messed up. All three servers, and on multiple shoots. What gives!!!!!

Water Bondage
Jan 6, 2006

Great shoot. Sandra Romain is the best, and Dragonlily looked genuinely fearful a number of times. In the name of all that is perverted, though, please please please team Sandra Romain up with Jade Marxx. That will be the shoot to end all shoots.

Whipped Ass
Jan 2, 2006

I liked the shoot. My only complaint is too much use of the ball gag...Cherry was obviously very vocal, it would have been great if she had been able to let some of that out instead of being gagged all the time.

Whipped Ass
Dec 10, 2005

You'd think for $29.95 per month they could at least spell correctly on the updates page. Sheesh!!

Whipped Ass
Oct 19, 2005

Absolutely wonderful shoot. Wonderful! I think she may be my new favorite over Jade Marx (sorry Jade!). Now...put the two of them!!

Fucking Machines
Jun 8, 2005

Wow. Amazingly beautiful, very vocal. She might be my new favorite after Jade Marx. Maybe put the two of them together? That might be sensory overload, though. Well done.

Fucking Machines
Apr 7, 2005

Cute girl, mediocre shoot. The pussy cam makes me seasick. I kept waiting for some serious RPMs, but they never came and neither did I. After the Jade Marx update 2 weeks ago, I renewed my membership but these past two weeks have got me catchin' serious z's I'm so bored.

Fucking Machines
Mar 24, 2005

There's just no one better than Jade. Period. Get her together with the one from last week, that would be really hot.

Fucking Machines
Jan 14, 2005

Keep the girl, CAN the director. All of that "stop go" "stop go" "stop go" bullshit with the machines got lame really fast. I signed up here to watch women get fucked at max RPMs, not to watch some guy playing with a switch or dial trying to make a machine cock act like a real cock.

Fucking Machines
Jan 3, 2005

Finally. Finally! A real, true woman. Real tits. Real bush. Real smile. Real orgasms. Great update, I only wish you would select more women like her for your updates.

Fucking Machines
Dec 3, 2004

Pretty disappointing after last week's update. Nice girl, very sexy, but nothing in the shoot kept my attention.

Fucking Machines
Nov 25, 2004

What a wonderful, beautiful woman. Wow. I thought you guys were never going to do better than Jade Marx, but it looks like you might have with Penny. Stellar...thank god she doesn't have fake breasts. Beautiful woman. I would have like to have seen her do the JetAime facing the other way, but that's just me being picky.

Fucking Machines
Nov 20, 2004

It was Ok. I expected more of a reaction to the electrics. I like the more amateur format.

Fucking Machines
Nov 5, 2004

Phoenix is one of the best. I have to admit, her pussy looks so much cuter and sexier (and so does she) with that cute little bush instead of shaved. Don't know why, but it does.

Fucking Machines
Sep 5, 2004

This link: quotes some research saying it comes from the urethra and has the chemical make-up of prostatic fluid (not urine). This one agrees:

Fucking Machines