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Comments made by crikey

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May 15, 2007

Tia's not my cup of tea but I have to say, her boobs are lovely, they prove that breasts don't have to hang down like cow udders to be very very sexy! Her boyfriend is so lucky to be able to play with them :-) I thought she looked uncomfortable (not surprising for a porn newcomer) in every clip except the Sybian, which is the best by far.

Fucking Machines
Apr 21, 2007

OMG she is so horny! I agree with mr250, gregoryldb, cranky1. There's no doubt Jade is for real, and having a very good time! I liked Peter getting involved too, in this case at least. I love the nipple suckers, and Jade's nipples are nice and responsive. She just cums and cums, and she is so real that you can feel how she feels, from the expressions on her face and the sounds she makes. Sex with her would be amazing! Great shoot, thanks!

Fucking Machines
Apr 6, 2007

It's clear she's a porn "actress", but I think the orgasms are real (some of them at least). She has an amazing figure - long thighs, lovely real big boobs, a bum that looks great in doggy positions. She could be so much better if she could forget the camera, stop trying to act, and let herself open up. The machines, and the pleasure they give the woman, are supposed to be central to fuckingmachines, but I get the feeling she could give a similar performance without them! Still, she has a nice body and would be good for stills, where you have to imagine the rest.

Fucking Machines
Apr 5, 2007

Wow what a fantastic woman! Azalea is cute, with a lovely body, but most important, she is real! When I hear her gorgeous giggling scream, and when she says "right there!", I have _no_ doubt that she is really feeling it. Actually, the clip of her cumming on the Sybian in the promo was the biggest reason I joined fuckingmachines in the first place, and this shoot is the horniest footage I have ever seen! . . My only small criticism is that when she sucks in her breath through her teeth, it reminds me of some "professional" porn actresses who do it because someone told them it sounds sexy. Real and natural is the sexiest, which is why Azalea is so amazing! . . I like the camerawork. The default warehouse sets get a bit boring but it's no big deal for me. I guess if you kink folks had known how hot she would be, you would've made more effort with the set, like you did in the next shoot (3434). I like the box platform and overhead ring, more interesting than a nice comfy bed. . . I hope you can convince her to come back a few more times! Fantastic shoot!

Fucking Machines
Mar 10, 2007

I think she's quite pretty (if you water-blast off some of that makeup), with a nice bum and nice big real tits, but she's far too self-conscious to really get into it. Having a camera shoved in your face and bunch of strangers wandering around would be enough to make most people scared and inhibited, so I feel a bit sorry for her, but in the end, it's not a very sexy performance to watch.

Fucking Machines
Feb 28, 2007

kellyeod you nailed it mate, I couldn't have said it better. If she says she's turned on but it's dry as the Sahara desert in there, you know it's not real, but if there's a big wet patch on her panties, you know it's true. Squirting is the same thing, just hornier! I wish more girls could do it! And Annie, you're damn cute :-)/ . . &lt-- (grinning man with erection)

Fucking Machines