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Comments made by Rifazhe

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Oct 15, 2010

cant get laid as much as she wants? maybe her standards are too high, hot hot girl though, me like

Fucking Machines
Apr 17, 2010

This is only rated fair due to the time. Ive said it before, the actual time does not equal the advertised time. How do you get 10 minutes from 8:45? Parallel universe that I am missing out on maybe? This is getting quite annoying, false times, short shoots. -To Isis, this is nothing against you, you are absolutely amazing and beautiful and I love every update with you. A true goddess. -TC if you really care about your subscribers, with as many complaining as there are, shouldn't you re-consider this new format?

Fucking Machines
Mar 31, 2010

This is the start of an epic shoot. Veronica is hot, sexy AND classy. Love how she styled her hair and the whole neo-vintage thing going on. Good length too, a true winner. Only complaint is the voting system cant go high enough, this is at least a couple orders of magnitude greater. Good job TC and Veronica

Fucking Machines
Mar 18, 2010

good shoot. however, for one, dont say a shoot is 20 mins when its actually 18:36 with 1:06 of talking, last shoot was as advertised (15:18) but had 2:25 of talking. 33:54 total time with 3 and a half min of talking (aka no action) + the 1.5 mins from it being an 18 min update instead of 20 min, and with your promise that 3 updates a week is better than 2 because theres more action and no talking has been kept how? These last two shoots come out to the same amount of action as 1 40 min update with 10 mins of talking, and most of the 2/week updates didnt have all that much talking anyways. So please fix it

Fucking Machines
Feb 22, 2010

this was a kickass shoot, more of this please! more gags like this too! dont listen to the morons who complained

Fucking Machines
Feb 19, 2010

bring Butter back for an updated shoot pls ^^

Fucking Machines
Feb 18, 2010

bfiddler put it best, bring back the large inflatable dildos and a girl that can take it, loved Halie on the sybian I think I filled a bucket

Fucking Machines
Nov 27, 2009

very cute and real, well done and A+ for her

Fucking Machines
Nov 6, 2009

get a spoon, and stop editing the video to clean up the gooey goodness please, leave it on, the more cream the better

Fucking Machines
Sep 9, 2006

I liked it, very fresh, very nice, but Tomcat, you such a tease lol I wanna see the genius behind these ^^

Fucking Machines