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Comments made by empcoth1

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Jan 17, 2009

They wont show pissing but they show this. This isn's femdom. In fact, this entire site is a tongue in cheeck attempt at femdom, which is just a mockery of the entire female dominant concept which other sites somehow manage to 'get' and be sucessful at.

Men In Pain
Jan 3, 2009

Well I suppose MIP may have some idea of what female domination is about. Fucking the dominatrix was never an option with any professional I have seen advertised, spoken to or been with. The concept of female dominantion of the true type is just this scene, Men with not perfect bodies, sublimating their sexual pleasure completely, while adoring the beautiful mistress that they are there to serve. Not 'getting' the domme is part of the allure. Too often on this site the scenes resembles a couple playing. Oh and BTW, MIP is supposed to be too straight for forced fem, yet you people are demanding big, hard cocks? LMAO

Men In Pain
Jan 1, 2009

I love you Princess Donna!

Men In Pain
Dec 31, 2008

Princess Donna, you have no idea what I would pay to sit on your lap :)

Public Disgrace
Dec 27, 2008

I agree with ballyupnorth. Princess Donna we need and love you. When men get hard, all of their blood rushes to their dick, so they cant think or hardly be vocal and act. Personally, If the entire site was done in front of willing audiences, I would be happy, though leading the girl around in public is funny. PS. I love you Princess Donna

Public Disgrace
Dec 26, 2008

Miss Twiss Pwincezz Donna, where were you? I missed you :(

Public Disgrace
Dec 25, 2008

Nice shoot. Thanks for the free dildo Tomcat, I think of you when I use it.

Fucking Machines
Dec 22, 2008

Isis, I wub you wots. I saw your video with that guy who had the 'Ginormous' cock as you put it, for another company. You are great in everything you do! Can I be next?

Fucking Machines
Dec 19, 2008

Love you Princess Donna. Good job Bella

Public Disgrace
Dec 18, 2008

Princess Donna, Ma'am, you make such good movies. Every time you are on screen, I touch myself.

Public Disgrace
Dec 17, 2008

Lol, she is kinky, she did all that and thought it was actually work, and now she must Party! Party! Party!

Public Disgrace
Dec 6, 2008

I loved seeing Donnas panties when she bent over.

Public Disgrace
Dec 5, 2008

Love behind the scenes stuff, and the bloopers, they are the best! I too would like to see these TS's take it once and a while, Especially if Isis straps it on and gives it to them.

TS Seduction
Dec 4, 2008

love the boots, they are made for knocking.

Fucking Machines
Dec 3, 2008

Goddess Isis herself in those boots(boot fetish man), thanks alot Tomkat, you made me join another freaking kink site.

Fucking Machines