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Comments made by docottawa

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Mar 2, 2014

JP, JP, JP. How do you possibly manage to drag yourself into work every day? Seriously though, great shoot. Nothing quite like blasting open the doors for a newcomer. Alina's genuine enthusiasm during the post shoot interview was a highlight. Good work all around.

Device Bondage
Jan 24, 2014

What a great bonus update! As a member who enjoys the site for the sexy visuals and the struggle for sexual dominance I find it easy to overlook the athletic component of the competition. Obviously, the better wrestlers take their training seriously and they like winning as an added bonus to being paid. Nice work girls and thanks for something new!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 17, 2014

Patience. Patience. Penitence. Said the sadist to the sub. :)

Ultimate Surrender
May 28, 2013

I don't know hirider but you may want to take a break from wanking while hitting the send button. :)

Ultimate Surrender
May 25, 2013

I'm certain that this had been said before but I feel the need to add my two cents. Ariel, whoever you contracted to do your work...AMAZING. The post fight interview with you standing proudly (and your breasts even more proudly) between Amber and Lyla was worth the price of admission alone. Great update ladies!

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 21, 2012

Wearing shoes is tacky?! LOL...My wife has quite the collection of beautiful shoes and every once in a while she'll look at a new purchase and comment to herself "One night soon I'll be looking up at these shoes.". As for enhanced breasts, not my thing either, but if it helps a woman feel sexier about herself who am I to judge her decision?

Fucking Machines
Nov 22, 2012

Pretty damned good, hope that the series continues! Lea and Brooklyn are the sexiest vampires alive...or is it un-dead? Whatever, just give us more!

Evil Angel
Aug 29, 2012

I guess that everyone has his preferences but isolating on something like a models hairstyle or tattoos, etc...seems to defeat the purpose of enjoying her reactions and the general eroticism of a scene. You don't like her hair? Okay but what about her face? Or her ass or her spirit? Seriously, there is so much that is sexy about this woman that I'd feel foolish about nit-picking over little things. Please Donna, keep up the good work and don't ever stop the interviews before and after the scenes. They're the first things that I watch with new updates because it gives me a feel as to whether the model is into the experience and it exposes a human side to her persona.

Bound Gang Bangs
Aug 16, 2012

Princess Donna...I love the kinky creativity. It's so much fucking fun to watch. Many congratulations for your free spirit. I'd love to have your permission to post the trailer for this video on FetLife. What do you think?

Bound Gang Bangs
May 26, 2012

Holy crap djrock, bit of a drama queen are we? If this is the most you've ever been disappointed in your "whole life", you should do some more living! The shoot was fun to watch and I commend the team for trying something different. Please don't stop being creative because some people whine that it's not their thing.

Whipped Ass
May 8, 2012

What the hell WAS that on channel 2?! You can't just include that kind of stuff without further explanation!!! That's either a crazy diva on set, a wicked funny role play, or one pissed off model. Maybe all three.

Whipped Ass
Apr 26, 2012

Just finished watching it all again and I really want to say a few things. Firstly, watching how determined Vivienne was in her struggles only to see her slowly exhaust herself and finally give in was, without doubt, one of the hottest scenes this site has put out. The moment at 55:50 when, between gasps, she begins to moan "I love it! I love it..." was amazing. At 1 hr 10 sec mark she starts moaning "Yes, yes." as she's being DP'ed and that, too, was extremely hot. And at the 1 hr 3 minute mark her submission is complete as she begins to beg for their cum...Wow. I really feel as if we were presented a window directly into one of her rawest fantasies and it was just fantastic. As for the garbage a few other comments, not for me. I mean, the idea of fucking a woman who was smeared with day old food?! LOL...pretty gross. That being said, I bet that it shook Vivienne out of the impression that everything was going to go just as she had hoped it would. What better way to get into her head and say "Yeah, this may be your fantasy and you may have set the rules but your body is still our playground and don't get too comfortable." In that sense it was pretty cool.

Bound Gang Bangs
Apr 25, 2012

Wow. Vivienne has such a pretty smile and such an engaging nature. She's super sexy AND she's a treat to listen to. Getting a glimpse of her personality in the pre- and post interviews just makes the shoot. Thanks to all.

Bound Gang Bangs
Apr 7, 2012

Very sexy young lady and I hope that Kink gets to showcase her in many more shoots. I wonder what happened with the first scene that required Mr. Pete to take over. Is it that Nacho wasn't a good fit for Remy? It seemed like he was trying to get her to open up slowly but her pussy wasn't having anything to do with the idea. If, indeed, that's the case I wonder how common situations like this are.

Sex And Submission
Nov 18, 2011

Now I'm just laughing. With the off-the-chart level of "outright awesome" that is this update Eagle59 gets his panties in a twist over Isis' cute habit of chewing gum. Eagle...honestly, do you have any idea how ridiculous you are? I doubt it. Isis, please do us all a favour and continue chewing away if it makes ya happy. Because a giggling Isis trumps a whining eagle any day of the week.