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Comments made by sbspock

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Apr 11, 2009

Jaxxa, you are just beautiful! It is great that you have not mutilated your body with tattoos and metal. And that you have kept some real fur. Yes, the cream dripping from your vagina looked very tasty! I do hope you will be back and hope you will try some other explorations. Maybe Fucking Machines with bondage? Maybe pissing in bondage? In any case, it was a delight to watch you enter this new world and respond with such genuine passion!

Fucking Machines
Apr 8, 2009

This is so refreshingly real! I love that she comes in with her real street clothes and takes them off for us as if it is a nervous first date. Such a turnon change from the phony fetish outfits that to me are a turnoff. It is too bad that she has mutilated her body with tattoos and too bad she shaved off her fur. But it is all part of who she is for real and real is hot. She is the real thing: The horny girl next door who is entering a whole new world and we get to share it. Thanks!

Fucking Machines
Apr 6, 2009

Satine is so hot! Loved that she was made to hold her piss. But why not make her pee in front of us when she finally was allowed to pee?

The Training Of O
Mar 25, 2009

Desperate to pee and tied and forced to control it. That is what got me to join the site. Fantastic! <p> Hope there will be more shoots like this where the girl is forced to drink lots of water, tied up and made to hold it. Diddled or just left tied until she can't hold it anymore and is forced to pee. <p> Thanks to Satine and Maestro!

The Training Of O
Mar 20, 2009

I very much appreciate this shoot, even while agreeing with some of the criticisms. Having Bella tied up while she really needed to pee was hot! And having her be forced to pee uncontrollably while tied up and desperate was really, really hot! There are so many ways to do bondage and submission with pissing and it is good to try different things. Good for you for doing this! As noted by others, the fact that Bella and Kimberlee were new to peeing and being peed on made it all very real. It was also good that they started out dressed and gradually lost clothes in different ways. Annie is just always hot and was able to provide pee when Kimberlee was pee shy. Maybe if Kimberlee were given a lot more to drink first it would have helped! I thank you very much for this shoot and enjoyed it a lot!

Mar 13, 2009

Sophia is really hot and sexy. The toes peed on/toes in pussy/toe sucking sequence was really hot, too; much appreciated. Loved all the girl-girl pissing, passion and action. Sophia is also into submission. So, I hope she can come back and combine bondage with the pissing. Tie her up and make her drink until she can't help but pee while still tied up! Thanks, Sophia!

Mar 3, 2009

Just what I had been asking for: combining bondage and pissing! Thanks! Fantastic! Jade and Annie are so hot! As they both said, the bondage and pissing together are even better than just the pissing or bondage alone! Next idea: Make two women drink a lot while they are bound. Watch them squirm awhile as they beg to pee. Maybe have one tied so that when she can't hold it anymore, she has to soak the other with pee. Thanks again for the pissing and bondage! And thanks, Jade and Annie!

Feb 17, 2009

This is the best Pissing.Com video yet! The cage is really starting to get the creative use of bondage and pissing! It would be great to prolong the desperation as they have to pee and finally let loose! Great how you have them clothed, getting soaked, and get stripped slowly along the way! These girls are so hot! They are really into the pissing and into each other! I love the kissing and girl-girl action. Christine goes wild with those shivering coming rounds! And the third girl pissing on them and getting licked is way hot! Love when she gets licked as she pees on them! Is that Annie? She is so hot. These girls are also great with their real bodies without mutilations and fake boobs. I love Christine's hot, sensitive little titties! Keep up the great, creative work! This site is really taking off now!

Feb 13, 2009

This is what got me to re-join: Creativity, piss control and humiliation and the girl-girl action. So... How about some bondage with the pissing? Tie a girl up until she wets herself? Then have others pee on her while she is still tied?

Jan 14, 2009

Annie, you are great. Just wondering about some other creative ideas you might consider? Since you are into bondage and being pushed to the limit, would you consider: Being bound, being made to drink a lot, then being made to hold it... until you lose control and pee all over yourself? Also wondering how it works to combine pissing and squirting for you? How is it if you are really needing to pee and then you make yourself squirt while you need to pee?

Dec 25, 2008

The squirting scene is one of the best I have seen! What is so great is that when he pulls out you can see her really ejaculate! On too many "gush" and "squirt" sites, all you see is a bunch of liquid coming from somewhere. For all we know, it was a bunch of water poured in the woman's vagina before the shoot. But here, we see her really cum and can imagine the intensity of her orgasm! Way cool!

Sex And Submission
Dec 20, 2008

Creative and well done with the pissing. It was all very real and natural. She really had to pee and you worked it into the submission and bondage. You can't please everyone all the time, but this sort of variety will keep me coming back for more. Thanks!

Sex And Submission